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Red FM launches new Podcast 'Decoding Unicorns' with Ease My Trip’s Prashant Pitti as host

The show will focus on unveiling insights on what it takes to become a pioneer in today’s technology-driven business

Red FM, the private radio and entertainment network, has announced the launch of ‘Decoding Unicorns’, an exclusive podcast hosted by Prashant Pitti, Co-founder, Ease My Trip.

The show will focus on unveiling insights on what it takes to become a pioneer in today’s technology-driven business.

As per the radio network, Pitti who comes with rich exposure across entrepreneurship and team building will be curating an interesting series with those who have made it to the Unicorn Club.

The host will be in conversation with established start-ups including Groww, Moglix, Zerodha, Ather, boAt, Droom and others. The podcast will provide early-stage founders with the tangible tips they need to start, grow, and run their business. With stories, anecdotes, advice, and mistakes-to-avoid, the episodes will delve into a variety of topics including recruitment, marketing, fundraising, sales and more.

Nisha Narayanan, Director and COO, Red FM and Magic FM, said, “Unicorns represent the Indian start-up ecosystem. India produced 14 Unicorns in Q4 of 2021 and is among the top-five Unicorn producing countries in the world. Achieving this milestone was once considered elusive. But India’s example shows the term unicorn no longer holds the same weight as before. At Red FM, we are delighted to announce our new podcast, ‘Decoding Unicorns’ with Prashant Pitti, Co-founder,, where he is speaking to some of the leading members of the Unicorn club. The podcast will review lessons that one can learn from unicorn start-ups and what sets them apart from other businesses. Each company has its own story of how it became a unicorn and our podcast will shed light on those insights and much more.”

Pitti said, "Nine out of ten successful start-ups fail within 5-10 years of their inception. ‘Decoding Unicorns’ would give future entrepreneurs the required insights on how to efficiently find gaps in the market today and stand strong when the storms of business arrive. Running a business is never a cakewalk but proper planning, strategy and insights will help early-stage start-ups to create a system that will make your money work for you. ‘Decoding Unicorns’ is just a work book of the founders who've already made an ecosystem of their own. I have been a part of this wave for over a decade now and am looking forward to have a heart-to-heart conversation with one of the most successful founders of this very ecosystem on what it takes to build a unicorn."

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