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CenturyDoors urges consumers to make informed choices before buying doors in digital film

The advertisement has been conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson and directed by Visual Audio

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Century Plyboards (India) has actively been in the business of Doors (CenturyDoors) for the past decade. CenturyDoors has released its new digital film for its customers that educates but with a creative twist.  

Door is a critically important component of furniture as it is used equally by all family members and oftentimes has to endure specific tests of slamming, more exposure to water in consumer households.

Through the film, CenturyDoors educates and make customers aware of the factors that help build a durable and strong door.

In its latest digital campaign, CenturyDoors features the woes of having a termite-infested ordinary door. A door with termites can not only hamper one’s home’s safety but can also have a great impact on their reputation. Actor Tiku Talsania plays the lead in the film and delivers the message with his acting skills and facial expressions. The chaos caused by the termites and Tiku is balanced with the dead-pan comic voiceover of Vijay Raj who closes the film educating the customers about what may happen as a consequence of misinformed purchases.

The advertisement has been conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson and directed by Visual Audio and will be promoted across social media and leading digital platforms.

Nikita Bansal, Executive Director, CenturyPly, said, “CenturyDoors is built to endure everything a door is subjected to every day. The product is an all-rounder not only in terms of tested features but also in terms of exclusive designs. The product is manufactured using CenturyPly which is synonymous with strength and durability. Our new film for CenturyDoors conveys the disadvantages of not choosing a termite-proof door. It has been depicted in a language that is most relatable to our customers. With this film, we simply want to make our customers aware of the challenges that are inevitable with the wrong choice of doors and thus urge them to trust only pioneers when it comes to home interiors. With a wide range of features and designs, CenturyDoors is here to change the game for doors as a category.”

The film:

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