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Deepika Padukone shows off the Grande Heavy-Duty Lloyd AC to husband Ranvir Singh in new ad

The real-life couple beautifully brings out the objective of the ad film that Llyod Grande isn’t just another AC, but a feature-loaded, technologically-advanced, heavy-duty AC

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It is that time of the year when air conditioner brands put their best foot forward to catch the consumers’ attention.

From being a luxury item of consumption, ACs are slowly becoming a necessity in India. People tend to research, read reviews and compare a lot before buying AC because it involves a huge investment.

Therefore, to clear everyone’s doubts and apprehensions in one go, Lloyd, from the house of Havells, has launched a fun and light-hearted ad featuring the power celebrity couple Deepika Padukone and Ranvir Singh. In the 30-seconds tête-à-tête, the duo perfectly highlight the advanced features of the Grande Heavy-Duty range of Lloyd ACs.

Both Ranvir & Deepika are loved and admired by young couples in India. Therefore, having them on board as brand ambassadors to promote the features-rich AC helps the brand target the younger audience base well.

The real-life couple beautifully brings out the objective of the ad film that Llyod isn’t just another AC, but a feature-loaded heavy-duty AC.

The ad begins with the Ranvir returning from a trip and his excited wife Deepika showing off the new Lloyd Grande Heavy-Duty AC in the house to him.

But then Ranvir tells Deepika that it would have been better if she researched more before buying the AC. To which, Deepika replies that the AC chills even at 60 degree Celsius. To counter her, Ranvir then says that these days there are so many ACs that provide protection from viruses. But before he could complete his sentence, Deepika interrupts and tells him that the AC already has a Plasma Protective Shield.

Finally, it starts impressing Ranvir and he asks for the remote from Deepika. Instead of giving the remote to him, smart Deepika asks Alexa to switch on the AC, showing off its Bluetooth-assisted connected feature. Once the AC is switched on, Ranvir relaxes in the fresh air of the AC and finds it the perfect choice for anyone. In the end, Deepika urges the audience to also test the features of the AC if they wish to.

Like this, the brand is successfully able to pitch the features of the tech-heavy AC to today's youth in a sweet and fun manner through a 30-second ad. The campaign is being heavily promoted by the brand.


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