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Baskin Robbins unveils its new logo in a bid to ‘update’ the brand

The 77-year-old ice cream chain has rolled out its new look with the #seizetheyay campaign

Baskins Robbins, the California-based multinational ice cream company, has changed its logo and it has chosen to present the new logo through the #seizetheyay campaign.

The new logo, as before, highlights the number 31, which is representative of the company having a different offering for each day of the month.

Initially, the number also used to stand for the number of flavours of ice cream it offered, but as of today there are hundreds of varieties offered by it.

In the new logo, the old playful font is gone and has been replaced by a crisper version. The new branding comes in brown and pink, brown and blue, and pink and white.

As per the company, it is changing its logo, employee uniforms and packaging to update the brand.

The company put out a tweet announcing the change of logo. It read, “New look, new feel, new reasons to

The #siezetheyay campaign shows that there’s a good reason to celebrate even the smallest of achievements. 

The company is also set to launch its merchandise for customers through mediums that are yet to be announced by the company. As per reports, the company will be rolling out sweatshirts, bucket hats and bicycles, among other goodies.

The internet had a mixed reaction towards this change by the company, while some loved the rebranding and welcomed it, others are questioning the move and saying they weren’t able to see much of a difference.

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