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Online entertainment consumption in India reaches 96% of digital population: Comscore report

A recent report on online entertainment consumption by Comscore states that people spend a large chunk of time on the consumption of movies, music and other forms of entertainment

96.2% of India’s digital population is accessing an entertainment website or mobile app, as per a report by Comscore. The report titled ‘Entertainment in 2022’ focuses on the trends that are shaping the consumption of online music and video in India.

As per the report, India is behind United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, and United States in terms of percentage of the population accessing online entertainment but is miles ahead of them in terms of the number of unique visitors.

“India joins the club of countries where the reach of online entertainment stands above 90%. The entertainment industry has clearly transformed into the provider of digital-first experiences; Now it can now be argued that the onus is on providers of digital infrastructure to become entertainment-first,” said the report. 

Further, it said that the YouTube mobile app has the highest reach- 87% among the users. This is followed by MXPlayer 30% and Star India 27%. Netflix and Prime Video both have a reach of 12%.

YouTube is also miles ahead when one compares the number of minutes spent per user (810). However, the report said that even though the consumption of video is high, it is being used to consume music.  “This is clear when analysing YouTube channels: categorising them based on whether they focus on music, movies, or news reveals that music-centric channels capture nearly forty percent of the time spent on YouTube Entertainment sites,” said the report. 

The average time spent on these apps and websites is 22.1% of the total minutes spent on the internet. However, people may be spending more time on social media as the share of total time spent is 30.04%, according to the report. 

“It appears that music is the element that binds online entertainment: it is a core attraction on YouTube. Overall, for content creators and advertisers, the scale of YouTube is such that it is the primary conduit to target audiences,” added the report.

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