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How Byju’s ended up making a 5-minute film

The film talks about the journey of the company to reach the remotest parts of the country and provide education during the pandemic

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Byju’s, the Indian EdTech company, has launched an ad film showcasing the journey of their “Education For All” initiative, which completed its one-year anniversary on Thursday.

This film has been conceptualised and created by Byju’s internal brand team. The film was shot in collaboration with Dora Digs Films. It took 21 days to shoot it at various locations and involved travelling across more than 13,000 kilometres. 

While talking about the film and the making process, Vineet Singh, Vice-President, Brand and Creative Strategy, Byju’s, said “We shot it just before the third Covid wave hit us, between December and early January. Logistics were a major challenge because of the different shoot locations and remote areas. We wanted to keep the film authentic so the children that are shown, it took us time to capture the right moods and moments. We had more than 100 hours of footage and it was too difficult to us to cut it short and make it a 3-minute film. But we went ahead and chose the best clips putting it together into a 4.54-minute film.”

Singh told the idea behind sticking with over 3 minutes in matter of duration. He said, “Viewer’s attention span decreases with time, but if you give them spectacular content, they can even binge watch episodes, so we concentrated on the messaging and the way we present it. Sneha Khanwalkar has given the music and the song in the background has been sung by veteran actor Raghubir Yadav. We wanted people to feel good and proud while watching the film.”

“Education for All” is the initiative taken by Byju’s to reach out to children across the country residing in the remotest part and to make education accessible for them at a click. The company has covered more than 26 states with 3.4 million children with the help of 110+ NGOs and local government bodies. 

Mansi Kasliwal, VP - Social Initiatives, Byju’s, added, “We launched Byju’s Education for All (EFA) a year ago. Furthermore, our partnerships with leading Non-Profits in India have strengthened our mission to continue creating a difference for students in India and encouraged us to contribute to India’s transformation in the sphere of digital learning. Over the last year, we have reached 3.4 million students and we have revised our 2025 vision to empower 10 million children from 5 million.  Our efforts are showing results and we will continue to play a role in ensuring their learning journey continues.” 

The film has already achieved more than 5 million views on YouTube.

The film:

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