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Parle Marie connects with Maharashtra culture with ‘Jithe story thithay Parle Marie’ campaign

The campaign resonates with quintessential experiences across generations and evokes the frolic nature of ‘Adda Baazi’, i.e., casual everyday gatherings. The films beautifully marry the archetypal Maharashtrian stories to give them a modern twist

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Biscuits, snacks and confectionery manufacturer Parle Products has launched three new TVCs in Maharashtra for the Parle Marie biscuit. This new localised campaign is part of the company's regional marketing strategy designed to drive engagement and build relationships with Parle regionally. The regional campaign “Jithe story thithay Parle Marie” resonates with the quintessential Maharashtrian experiences across generations and evokes the fun and frolic nature of ‘Adda Baazi’ i.e., casual everyday gatherings.

Parle Marie has been synonymous to endless tea time conversations and ritual among Indians of every age group. The ad films are tailored to connect with the culture of Maharashtra, capturing everyday tete-a-tete in close-knit communities. The ad film depicting a mother and daughter bonding moment uses a play on a local Marathi proverb like ‘Gharogharimatichya chuli’ and introduces a modern take ‘Gharogharifashionable muli’ to bridge the gap between generations. The Matheran-based film showcases the traditional Marathi Powada, i.e., poetry used for a modern-day proposal while the anniversary film shows a lively discussion among women on their dream gift involving Narayanpethi, Nauvari and Paithani sarees. The films beautifully marry the archetypal Maharashtrian stories to give them a modern twist.

Mayank Shah, Sr. Category Head at Parle Products, said, “Parle Products as a brand has its roots deeply embedded in cities and rural areas alike and as we grow in new regions, we want our communications to be reflective of the people’s traditions, way of life and the local spirit. Every Indian has their own way of jibing, bonding and internal-puns, which is very much coincidental to their way of living and culture.

“This campaign has been tailored keeping in mind the Maharashtrian way of life nuancing cultural codes and traditions of Maharashtra. This will make consumers relate and bond with the brand. All the films unfold over warm moments of enjoying the biscuit with friends and family, with beautiful stories woven in between bites of Marie.

“We are hoping to connect with the consumers in a deeper and meaningful way and make Parle Marie an inseparable part of Gupshup and Baatchit.”

Parle Marie has an established footprint across India and now the iconic brand is set to share localised films for the biscuit in other vital markets. By targeting multiple generations to showcase the true spirit of the local people and their cultures, Parle Products aims to achieve success in different regions with focused campaigns for customers.

The TVCs:

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