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Dainik Bhaskar signs a large deal with Honda Motor Cycles and Scooters

HSMI will place an advertisement almost every day from June 16-30 to attract the readers

Dainik Bhaskar has secured a large deal from Honda Motor Cycles and Scooters India (HSMI), thus singling increased trust and belief of big brands on print media for sales push.

HSMI has come out with a frequency proposition with Dainik Bhaskar wherein they will place an advertisement almost every day from June 16-30 to attract the readers.

As the nation recovers from the second wave of the pandemic and the local economies began their road to recovery, the pent-up demand from the lockdowns imposed in the second wave is likely to fuel a stronger economic recovery. The increased economic activity has also resulted in an increase in the demand for ad space in newsprint with the easing of restrictions and phased reopening of business. Advertisers are therefore increasingly turning to print media as the most trusted messenger for the announcement of their return to business.

The hyper-local nature of Indian Language newspapers is allowing advertising companies to get a larger bang for their buck. Every sector is seeing a resurgence in demand. Two-wheeler companies like TVS, Bajaj and Hero are also announcing reopening of their showrooms in select markets.

Commenting on the development, Satyajit Sen Gupta, Chief Corporate Sales and Marketing Officer, said, “The print media has always been a favourite of the advertisers for their ability to reach a large audience. This is further enhanced given that the authenticity, ease of carrying out geo-control campaigns and bespoke communication with a category-specific audience, print media will offer a lucrative platform for advertisers.

During the pandemic, our strong editorial philosophy has endeared us to our readers. DBCL, India’s largest newspaper group with a strong presence in non-metro cities, has been a significant beneficiary of this recovery and has seen its advertising revenues exceeding industry levels.”

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