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HT Health Shots launches ‘She Slays’

The health and wellness wing of HT Media partners up with Radio One to launch She Slays, an ode to powerful women who have overcome all odds and emerged triumphant

This Women’s day, HT Health Shots will launch “She Slays”, a month-long campaign showcasing the spirit and resolve of women from all walks of life. “She Slays” aims to share personal journeys surrounding the mental, emotional and physical tribulations these women have overcome, all in their own words.

During the months leading up to the launch, HT Health Shots gave a platform to over 300 women to come forward and share stories of indomitable spirit. “She Slays” shined the spotlight on women leaders of HT Media, celebrities, female athletes and influencers, mental health advocates and other inspirational women. The content included candid videos and interviews, print coverage, reader submissions and a popular podcast (that brought in over 2 lakh listens).

Combining the power and reach of Radio One, HT Health Shots and Hindustan Times, this initiative continues to invite women from all professions and backgrounds to come forward on “She Slays” and give women all around the country a chance to connect with their stories. Select stories will be featured on Radio One, HT Health Shots and across social media.

Shipra Yadav, Business Head at HT Health Shots, said, “She Slays was born out of a simple idea – to harness the power of storytelling and highlight the various struggles in a woman’s life- no matter who she may be. Through these inspiring stories, we could show other women that they’re not alone; they too can persevere and emerge stronger than ever before. Women’s Day provides the ideal backdrop to join the global conversation surrounding women empowerment, and ‘She Slays’ will continue to be the avenue for more women to share their stories of extraordinary tenacity and confidence.”

To know more about “She Slays” and to read these inspirational stories, you can visit the website here, and listen to the “She Slays” podcast here.


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