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Actor Pankaj Tripathi advocates for Baidyanath Chyawanprash’s authenticity in campaign ‘Sahi Vidhi, Behtar Immunity’

The integrated campaign is conceptualised and executed by Grey Group India

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Grey Group has launched an integrated campaign for Baidyanath Chyawanprash. Recently, it has onboarded Pankaj Tripathi to promote its brand of Chyawanprash.

The campaign ‘Sahi Vidhi, Behtar Immunity’, positions Baidyanath as the most authentic and complete Chyawanprash.

Ajay Sharma, Director, Baidyanath, commented, “Baidyanath has always put the customer above everything else. Our mission is to provide the most authentic and efficacious products to the consumer and to educate the consumer on the benefits of Ayurvedic formulations and processes. This campaign is an embodiment of our mission and a testament to our commitment to providing the most authentic and complete products. It provides the consumer with the right tools and knowledge to make an informed decision when evaluating Chyawanprash, and we felt Pankaj Tripathi, with his bona fide connection with the audience, would be the appropriate choice to deliver such a powerful message.”

Ramesh Yadav, CMO, Baidyanath, said, “For a Chyawanprash to be complete and effective, it must be prepared with the methodology prescribed by original Ayurvedic scriptures. Baidyanath, whilst continuing to follow that age-old formula, is further enriched with additional ingredients that have proven to be beneficial in promoting immunity and holistic health in today’s highly stressful times. Backed by years of research, it is the second-largest Chyawanprash brand in India, with a large loyal user base across the country. To reposition the category and shift the focus of the conversation from ingredients to the process, we were looking for someone who could embody the same values as our brand. Someone who is perceived as authentic, simple, effortless, and has originality. It didn’t take much deliberation as Pankaj Tripathi emerged as a natural choice. The fact that Pankaj Tripathi himself has been a loyal user of various Baidyanath products for many years, made it a perfect match.”

Ketan Desai, Chief Operating Officer, Grey Group India, added, “Baidyanath is among the original champions of Ayurveda in India. It has been promoting this traditional wisdom much before Ayurveda became fashionable. It is only befitting for a brand with such a strong foundation in Ayurvedic knowledge to create disruption in an otherwise low involvement and undifferentiated category. Through this campaign, we are not only promoting Baidyanath Chyavanprash but also encouraging people to check what goes inside their Chyawanprash before making a choice. Just like for other healthcare brands, we want them to make the choice of their Chyawanprash brand an informed one. And with Pankaj Tripathi, we have a credible figure of authority to drive home the message”

The campaign is live across ATL and BTL mediums. 

The campaign video: 


Brand Team: 

Ramesh Yadav, Chief Marketing Officer,

Divya Clerk, Sr. Brand Manager

Creative Team:

Sandipan Bhattacharya, Vivek Bhambhani, Piyush Jain, Arjun Bhimwal, Gurdev Singh, Zishan Mohammed, Rajesh Kumar

Account Management: Ketan Desai, Rahul Pahwa, Anooshka Mathur

Account Planning: Arun Raman, Ayan Banik, Drishti Khandelwal

Director: Puneet Prakash

Production: Colage Communication

Production Team: Jhelum Ratna, Samir Chadha, Sushmita


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