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Sideways launches DiiCii and DiiCii games, unveils campaign

It is a joint venture with Reliance Brands. By Christmas, it plans to be in the UK and other international markets. The campaign will run across television, OTT and digital for the next few weeks and influencer-led activities have been planned

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Creative company Sideways always wished to launch its own IP products at scale and take them to market, in India and globally.

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DiiCii is the first in that list. It is the output of a joint venture that they have with Reliance Brands. So right from the invention of the product to getting it manufactured to packaging, and advertising — it's been an amazing ride for Sideways. The launch of DiiCii and DiiCii games began last weekend. And if all goes well, by Christmas it will be in the UK and other international markets.

The campaign broke on October 15 and will run across television, OTT and digital for the next few weeks. A fair amount of influencer-led activities have also been planned.

The Film: 

Manu Sharma, Group Vice-President, Reliance Brands Limited, said, "Reimagining the iconic ‘Dice’ has been one of the most exciting projects that we have been associated with. Nothing makes us more proud that from the idea of Diicii being conceptualised in India to being manufactured locally, it will now be available across international markets, making it one of our largest ‘Make in India’ initiatives to go global."

Abhijit Avasthi, Founder, Sideways, “It’s been a thrilling experience to reimagine a gaming engine that has been around for thousands of years. India was the cradle of dice and board games, and it’s with a lot of pride that we say it is being reinvented in India as well. We believe the potential is huge as it opens up infinite possibilities because of the new play patterns that can emerge from it. We are already sensing excitement from the gaming community. Of course, since this is so novel we will keep improving and exploring as we move along.”

Krishan Jagota, Product Design Lead, Sideways, said, “Our design approach is to take the disruptive route and add novel play patterns over classics that stood the test of time. The Diicii ecosystem reimagines the function of a dice for the 21st century, while keeping it inclusive, simple and fun. It acts as a platform to nudge a child’s creativity. The randomised illumination has the potential to create thousands of play patterns and new games. We encourage customers to create their own games and share with the community.”

Nalin Avasthi, Technology Lead, Sideways, said, "While developing Diicii’s electronics, the challenges we faced were two pronged — we had to scale the electronics down while optimising for a long battery life. Over several prototypes, refinements and countless test rolls, we indeed managed to do both and we’re indeed proud of that.”

DiiCii is the reimagination of a 4000-year-old gaming engine — the dice. DiiCii is the brainchild of the Product Design and Technology verticals of Sideways. DiiCii is a dice that with the help of some technology, changes colour, changes games, destinies and more. With red and green as the two changing colours of DiiCii, the players can define it in their own way. For e.g., Green could mean forward and Red could mean reverse. Red could mean player 1, green could mean player 2. Green is up, Red is down. DiiCii can be used to make every day fun too. Confused about anything? Roll DiiCii. If it’s green, go for option 1, if it’s red, go for option 2. Kids can be taught Maths —green is plus, red is minus. Along with the Diicii, six new board games have been created. Besides the new games Greedy Monkey, Astro Hunt and Knock Out, the classics Snakes & Ladders, Ludo and Brainvita have also been reimagined with a twist.

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