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Scarecrow M&C Saatchi and Reliance Jewels pay a musical tribute to the divinity of Banaras

The brand has launched Kaasyam collection inspired by Banaras’ architectural marvels such as Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Ramnagar Fort, Ganga Ghats and art and cultural forms — Gulabi Meenakari, Banarasi Saree and Ganga Aarti

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Jewellery brand Reliance Jewels has carved a niche for itself by paying homage to India’s rich heritage. The journey started with Apurvam, a collection inspired by Hampi, followed by Utkala, dedicated to the fascinating land of Odisha. 

This year, on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, the brand has launched Kaasyam, a collection inspired by Banaras. Kaasyam is not just an ode to the cultural capital but also captures its divine beauty.

The collection is inspired by the architectural marvels of Banaras such as Kashi Vishwanath Temple, Ramnagar Fort, Ganga Ghats and some of the most revered art and cultural forms such as Gulabi Meenakari, Banarasi Saree and Ganga Aarti. It represents the confluence of rich Indian culture and the charisma of modern India. 

Coined by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, the name Kaasyam for Reliance Jewels’ Dhanteras collection is derived from Kashi; the ancient name of the holy city. The name signifies brightness; it means to shine, to sparkle.  Banaras is also blessed by Mother Ganga. It’s this river that makes it the most divine place. Divinity is found in every aspect of Banaras; it resides in every corner, in every art form, and in every monument. Keeping this in mind, the entire campaign is strategised around the central theme of ‘Dive into divinity’. 

The campaign conceptualised for Reliance Jewels by Scarecrow M&C Saatchi tells a story of two young girls; one a sitar player and the other a guitarist. The film captures the divine beauty of Banaras through a musical journey of these two band members. The film has been shot by Shamik Sengupta, with cinematography helmed by Sejal Shah, and is produced by Tandem Media Pvt. Ltd. 


The campaign consists of print ads shot by photographer Prasad Naik and is shot against the backdrop featuring inspirations illustrated in the ancient art form Sanjhi by illustrator Deelip Khomane. The campaign also features product shoot, which was shot by photographer Avdhut Hembade. 

Banaras is also a major kingdom of music and is crowned by UNESCO as the City of Music. Thumri, a classical music genre has a significant influence on Banaras. Scarecrow M&C Saatchi also penned the lyrics for Thumri in Braj Bhasha (The dialect of Banaras). 

The lyrics capture the mysticism of the holy city and dedicated to the divine beauty of Banaras. 

The divine song, a fusion of Thumri and electronic is composed by music composer Aman Pant; the song is sung by Madhubanti Bagchi, a Hindustani Classical singer. The ensemble of musicians constituted of artists such as Rhythm Shaw on guitar, tabla by Prashant Trivedi, percussions by Rakesh Bharadwaj, shehnai by Lokesh Anand and sitar by maestro Purbayan Chatterjee. 

The campaign consists of print, innovative outdoor, digital activation and media innovations planned around the launch. Even the Kaasyam logo is derived from various elements carved on the monumental architecture of Banaras; right from Kashi Vishwanath Temple to Ancient Gateways to Ganga Ghats. 

Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, said, “The launch of Kaasyam is very special to everyone at Scarecrow. We have been involved in the process from stage one; right from arriving at the name to developing the strategy to conceptualising the campaign. The entire process of exploring the cultural capital, its rich history, its art heritage, its unique dialect, its music culture and bringing it to life through photography, graphic design, poetry, music, cinematography, innovations in one campaign is quite a memorable one.” 

Sunil Nayak, CEO, Reliance Jewels, added, “India has a rich heritage when it comes to art and culture. As India’s fastest growing jewellery brand, we want to pay our tribute to these beautiful art forms while also giving it a much wider platform. So to capture the divine beauty of Banaras, we designed this spectacular collection ‘Kaasyam’ inspired by Banaaras, an exquisite range of intricately carved necklace sets and bangles in both gold and diamond. We wanted to reach out to our customers and communicate the details of this magnificent craftsmanship through a campaign that’s as intricate and as inspiring as the collection itself.” 


Agency: Scarecrow M&C Saatchi 

Creative Team: Manish Bhatt, Raghu Bhat, Kapil Tammal, Sakhi Shah, Kunal Parkar, Yuvraj Gorule, Lalit Sakurkar, Antara Shinde, Hrishikesh Bhayani, Krupa Mehta, Yamini Gujaran, Sayali Wadke, Sandeep Kamble, Tanmay Raul, Mayuri Patil, Urjasvi Gandhi. 

Account Management: Mangesh Mulajkar, Shamima Pereira, Vinav Nair, Saloni Kadam, Akshay Surve

Studio: Subhash Gade, Mangesh Kasekar, Vikram Dalvi, Sandesh Rane 

Client Team: Sunil Nayak, Anup Kondakundi, Rohan Patankar, Tanishka Sharma, Sachi Sharma, Shilpa Ullattuthodiyil, Shaswat Doctor, Chetan Prabhu. 

Print Shoot Credits:

Photographer: Prasad Naik

Photographer Assistant: Amit

Production House: Anomaly Production

Producer: Nafis Shaikh and Vatsala Hoosur

Executive Producer: Mitali Patil and Anam Ankolkar

Production Manager: Dharamraj & Nazir pathan

Model 1: Bhagyashree Borse (Agency: Inega)

Model 2: Aastha Bhardwaj (Agency: Inega)

Hair and Makeup: Pratiksha Nair, Agency: Inega

Costume Stylist: Shaurya Athley

Art Director: Jangoo Sethna 

Product Shoot Credits:

Production House: Raka Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Photographer: Avadhut Hembade

 Producer: Vitthal Sakpal

Asst. Producer: Mangesh Girkar

Props Stylist: Shamika Malegaonkar 

Music Credits: 

Composer: Aman Pant

Studio: Chirping Birds

Singers: Madhubanti Bagchi and Paroma

Guitar Player: Rhythm Shaw

Shehnai Player: Lokesh Anand

Tabla: Prashant Trivedi

Percussions: Rakesh Bharadwaj

Sitar Player: Purbayan Chatterjee

Recorded by: Vishal Shinde at Chirping Birds Studio

Mixed by: Ninad Lad

Film Production: 

Production House: Tandem Media Pvt. Ltd.

Director: Shamik Sen Gupta

Producer: Danny V Lobo and Shamik Sen Gupta

Cinematography: Sejal Shah

Stylist: Divyak D’Souza

Stylist Asst.: Khushi Kaushik Bhatia

Production Design: Diksha Sharma

Set Decorator: Tanvi Walia

Set Art Assistant: Harshit Sharma

Makeup Stylist: Krisann Figueiredo

Hair Stylist: Rakshanda Irani

Line Producer: Sahil Singh (Delhi)

 Local Line

Producer (Banaras): Rathi Shankar Tripathi

Production Manager (Delhi): Roma Kandpal, Raminder Pal Singh, Sanchit Singh

Casting Director: Pranjali Khera and Ajay Singh Rawat (D Cast) Cast: Natascha Mehra (A Little Fly) and Malvika Sharma

(Casting Bean Talent) Chief AD: Abhishek Singh

DA: Pallab Shah

2nd AD: Jyoti Harlalka

1st AC: Sameer Jagdale

Focus Puller: P. Venkateswara Rao Offline Editor: Tanupriya Sharma

Offline Asst Editor: Urvashi Saxena

Colourist: Vineesh Vijayan (Studio Skewer)

Online Editor: Abhilesh Shivalkar, Siddhesh Nagvekar (Famous Studios Pvt Ltd)

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