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Moj app gives wings to fantasy gaming platform PlayerzPot

Through Moj, PlayerzPot campaign around the IPL was able to reach an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have been easy to penetrate. It was triggered by 50+ influencers to fuel up 300K+ user generated content pieces which helped the brand to entice the desired association and connection with cricket

India’s leading online fantasy gaming platform PlayerzPot recently collaborated with Moj, the popular short video sharing platform from the house of Sharechat, to promote its ‘Khela Kya’ campaign around the IPL.

The campaign not only generated huge buzz among cricket fans but also created 300K+ user generated content (UGC) pieces and made celebrated influencers join the initiative. The influencer activity provided an even bigger fan base for PlayerzPot and created a trend which appealed to the youth. Even after 10 days of the campaign, users continued consuming the content helping it reach 1bn+ views.

In an age where individuals want to consume quick and snackable content, Moj has proven to be just the right platform to promote one’s brand.

The gaming platform identified this potential in Moj and through the medium, it was able to reach an audience that otherwise wouldn’t have been easy to penetrate.

With the ‘Khela Kya?’ campaign being heavily promoted on social media, PlayerzPot was able to establish a footing for itself and was able to achieve the numbers that the company had envisioned. It was able to garner a large audience base and reach out to an audience that fits right in their target audience bucket.

Along with that, a hashtag challenge started on Moj and also a branded lens was incorporated in this challenge. The lens had five cricket shots which creators had to replicate. The one who scores maximum runs wins.

The challenge videos:


A post shared by MojIndia (@mojindia)


A post shared by MojIndia (@mojindia)


A post shared by MojIndia (@mojindia)

The campaign witnessed over 2.3 million shares externally and had over 300K UGC which is one of the highest ever on Moj for a lens-based HTC campaign.

The PAN India campaign was spearheaded by 50 influencers across different languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and Punjabi. The likes of Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar, Nita Shilimkar, Jannat Zubair, and in-house influencers such as Vishnu Priya, Arishfa Khan, Pankaj Joshi, Surbhi Rathod, and the like also promoted the challenge in their own native and quirky manner.

Ajit Varghese

Ajit Varghese, COO of ShareChat and Moj, said that the platform is committed to its vision of empowering creators and brands with campaigns that can help in the growth of their businesses.

“This collaboration with PlayerzPot fulfilled the purpose of our vision by delivering 1bn+ video views, triggered by 50+ influencers to fuel up 300K+ UGCs which was bang-on for the brand to entice the desired association and connection with cricket during IPL,” he added.

Elaborating on the association with Moj and response around the campaign, Sunil Yadav, CEO of PlayerzPot, said, “We know the kind of love a sport like cricket garner in India. Our IPL campaign celebrated that sentiment and emotion. We are thankful for all the support and response. The campaign was a success, and we were able to reach almost 3x new users through Moj. All these testify that we are on the right path and have been able to understand the huge appetite and craze for cricket and the game-related engagement among the millennials and GenZ population, irrespective of genders and geography. Our influencers also deserve praise for their interesting, amusing, and insightful contributions. We are happy to have partnered with Moj, who knows the pulse of the audience and is equipped with the ways to reach out to them.”

The success of this campaign has brought in repeat business from PlayerzPot for Moj and it has even opened doors for many such partnerships with other brands in the future for the short video platform.

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