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From co-marketing to content marketing, it is all about educating customers for Dolby

In an interaction with, Sameer Seth, Director, Marketing, India, Dolby, talks about the brand’s marketing perspective and its new campaign Dolby Everywhere

Sameer Seth

Dolby’s goal is to create magical and transformative experiences for the audience through audio-visual means and expressing this very message, the brand released a new campaign titled Dolby Everywhere, which creates awareness among consumers about its different touchpoints.

Explaining the campaign and its purpose, Sameer Seth, Director, Marketing, India, Dolby, said, “It is aimed at educating audiences about the Dolby difference available to them at home, at work, in cinemas, and even on the go. We wish to create awareness for life-like experiences for Dolby customers and be connected with them through their passion points because we all like to consume certain content, be it movies, music or sports. That is exactly what the campaign actually talks about, it shows one of these passion points in each of the scenarios, where these lifelike experiences in Dolby actually come alive. From a creative direction point of view, we wanted to show the connection between the consumer and Dolby. I enjoy that experience in Dolby so much that I believe that the experience actually comes alive for me.”

The film:

Seth said the campaign is based on two consumer insights that they carried recently through Wakefield Research and CyberMedia Research. “Both the studies actually point towards a strong consumer intent for enhanced visual and audio experiences, across screen types.”

“I think a couple of numbers really gave us the confidence to do this campaign. The Wakefield study, for example, showed us that 94% respondents in India are willing to pay more for a premium subscription for enhanced video and audio quality,” he said.

According to the study, while people are subscribing to premium streaming services, they also want to upgrade their entertainment gear in terms of devices, he said. From a data perspective, 96% of Indians actually said they plan to upgrade their entertainment equipment in the next six months, Seth said.

“The CyberMedia Research study that we did on the importance of audio and smartphones actually gave us another very interesting data point. One in every four Indian stated that audio quality is the most important factor for them when they select a smartphone. This came as a surprise because the popular belief is that people pay attention to cameras or a battery. This might also be because people are spending a lot of time at home consuming content, etc. They are also paying attention to audio because they are making a lot of phone and video calls where audio is important,” he added.

Innovations from the brand

Seth said their marketing strategy aims at educating consumers about Dolby through partnerships, mainly on digital. “As a brand, Dolby focuses on delivering these breakthrough experiences to billions of people. A lot of this happens through a collaborative partnership or an ecosystem of artists that create the content, businesses that deliver the content and devices, and consumers all coming together. That's where we want to continue our partnerships and work in India,” he said.

“Another very important pillar when we talk from a marketing perspective is co-marketing campaigns that we do. We have done multiple campaigns with leading OEMs such as LG, Sony, RealMe and others. We have also done campaigns with streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix and Voot,” he said.

Seth said they have collaborated with Amazon and Flipkart to create a content-driven Dolby brand store. He says you will see a list of Dolby-enabled products like televisions, sound bars, laptops and smartphones on e-commerce websites. It also shows a list of shows from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video available in Dolby that viewers can experience.

They have also focused on video-based content marketing and created an IP called Behind the Mix where they have conversations with creators about content tentpole and how Dolby technology such as Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision allowed them to do better storytelling.

The brand recently collaborated with YRF. “One of our recent initiatives for Dolby Atmos is for music and we collaborated with Yash Raj Films, which announced their catalogue of hit music tracks over the last 50 years in Dolby Atmos. The album is called Best of YRF as they mark their 50th anniversary. It will soon be released in Dolby Atmos to consumers,” he said.

Speaking about the trends in the audio and video markets, he said the pandemic accelerated digital content consumption. “People will demand better quality content, both from an audio and a video standpoint, and the freedom and the flexibility to consume it at home. I remember very categorically that 95% of Indians got into genres that they have not consumed so far. That has been on the back of great visual and audio experiences,” he said.

“That is exactly what's going to happen, because when you get the best experience, you will never go back. This is what happened with us, almost a decade ago with HD. We used to consume content in standard definition and then came HD and we could never go back. When you consume content in a next-generation immersive audio technology like Dolby Atmos, you will never go back because that really will be a tool for the content creator to do better storytelling to bring his creative intent alive and connect better with the consumer, and those are the trends that we see,” he said.

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