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It is time for publishers to become a part of the brand in order to stand out

The latest episode of MGID Talks Live featured MGID India’s Country Head Pankaj Sharma in conversation with Digital Consultant Nitin Singh where they discuss a number of topics like how publishers need to evolve, the growth of digital in regional languages, and using digital in a post-Covid world

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The last eight months have been challenging for the world economy, but especially for the advertising and marketing industries in particular. Businesses have been forced to go entirely digital and marketers have had to rethink strategies. MGID, the global native advertising platform, has launched a series of online interviews — MGID Talks Live India — with advertising industry experts to understand how the market has changed and how to move forward.

The upcoming edition of MGID Talks Live India will be held on October 22 to discuss how marketers can ensure brand suitability and reduce ad frauds in 2020.

Pankaj Sharma, MGID India’s Country Head, and Nachiket Deole, Head of Sales at DoubleVerify India, will discuss brand suitability and audience engagement in digital campaigns. CLICK HERE to join.

During the latest episode featuring Digital Consultant Nitin Singh and MGID India’s Country Head Pankaj Sharma, Singh shared his views on how the current pandemic has led to huge traction towards digital across all age groups.

He said even categories such as FMCG, which were largely driven by television, are investing much more on digital platforms. “FMCG is currently TV-driven because the women or men of the house who are being targeted for soap or any home commodity product are watching content on TV. That was the traditional way of thinking. Then, in the FMCG bucket, people were spending 90% on TV and 10% on digital. Today that 90% has decreased to 60-65% and digital is at 20% or furthermore. Digital in FMCG will play a key role,” he said.

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He also said digital can be used for much more than just creating brand awareness. Brands need to start building themselves on digital. According to Singh, brands were earlier focusing on digital only because of the performance part of it and to gain ROI. Today we see brands building themselves on digital platforms. “Brands have started to shift and we are seeing campaigns where brands are being created on digital,” he said.

Singh said 90% of content consumption happening today is mostly on mobile devices and brands need to keep that in mind and change the media mixes accordingly.

“Most of the video consumption happening on mobile devices is for OTT. When thinking of video, think of platforms like OTT and keep them on top of mind. You will definitely add layers of traditional video platforms that you were using. Think about making content where the mobile is the centre. Whether creating vertical formats, putting the product itself in the first five seconds because the consumer’s attention on digital is not more than three seconds. That’s how you need to think from a content and marketing perspective,” he added.

According to Singh, brands also need to focus on communicating in local languages because that’s where the consumer is today. Only 10% of the consumers speak English, which means the remaining 90% are not being included in a brand's marketing mix. He said brands must use digital as it allows them to carry campaigns in local languages today. “A consumer sitting in Kochi, going online will be typing in his own vernacular language. When he is looking for the landing page, it needs to be in the same language. How can you have content coming in English in front of him when he’s searching for something in his language,” he said.

Singh spoke about the current state of publishers and how they can help brands find solutions. According to him, publishers need to be a part of the brand and help them find solutions. There is a need to dive into deep data points and communicate them to figure solutions for the agencies and brands. “They need to invest a lot of new people in terms of not just having salespeople but also strategy and get people from agencies and start working with them,” he added.

Singh pointed out at Times of India’s success and said publishers need to provide an ecosystem for the consumer. “Times of India is a larger network, they have a youth-centric website like MensXP, then they created a news portal like Times of India, they also created an e-entertainment space. What they have created is a complete ecosystem. Now they are able to pass one cookie to another and are able to crack the customer journey and create brand solutions for the clients and brands.”

He also said it is time for smaller publishers to unite and look for consolidation and look at the synergies that they and the competition have and work towards solutions for brands.

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