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82% public in favour of extending lockdown in India beyond April 14

More people say weekly morale-boosting activities like clapping and lighting of diyas introduced by PM should be the norm, according to a Public-Ipsos Poll with over 2 lakh Indians

82% Indians want the lockdown to be continued beyond April 14 and a mind-boggling 86% would like the PM to introduce a weekly morale-boosting activity, similar to clapping and lighting of diyas/ candles, for displaying solidarity and oneness with one and all.

These responses were part of the “Public ki Rai” poll conducted by Public app, India’s largest location-based social media app in association with global market research firm Ipsos. Over 2 lakh Indians participated in this poll conducted across Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Azhar Iqubal, Co-founder and CEO, Inshorts and Public, on the findings, said, “The lockdown has been difficult for everybody, but the poll findings clearly show that Indians really understand the importance of maintaining social distancing and are ready to support authorities going forward too. We will continue bringing to fore opinions of our 25 million plus app users, on important matters, so that the pulse of the nation reaches everyone.”

“There is a strong support for extending the lockdown, until the crisis is over. After applauding the frontline warriors of COVID-19 and lighting the candles in solidarity with everyone in self-isolation, people expect more such activities, on a weekly basis. it is a good way of building solidarity and the feeling of togetherness,” said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India.

Overall, the poll results show, around 56 per cent people want the lockdown extended till April 30; 21% till May 15 and 23% would like the lockdown enforced till May 30. Interestingly, 14% did not support further extension of the lockdown; while about 3% had no opinion.

Amid Coronavirus, Public app has been providing verified and real-time local updates to users and allowing them to record and share the happenings in their vicinity. The App is also being used by local politicians and government officials to share valuable updates around COVID-19 in their locality and help debunk rumours and fake news to prevent misinformation and panic in the community.

Question: Experts and state governments have suggested PM to extend the lockdown. Do you also suggest the same?

State Yes No No opinion
Bihar 81.32% 15.28% 3.40%
Chhattisgarh 84.08% 12.93% 2.99%
Delhi 69.61% 23.34% 7.05%
Haryana 82.65% 13.75% 3.60%
Jharkhand 85.07% 11.91% 3.02%
Madhya Pradesh 82.52% 13.95% 3.53%
Rajasthan 84.20% 12.55% 3.24%
Uttar Pradesh 79.00% 16.63% 4.37%
All States 81.72% 14.61% 3.67%

Question: Till when should the lockdown continue?

State 30 April 15 May 30 May
Bihar 56.97% 21.38% 21.65%
Chhattisgarh 58.21% 20.68% 21.11%
Delhi 57.54% 18.59% 23.87%
Haryana 54.61% 20.93% 24.45%
Jharkhand 50.12% 24.38% 25.51%
Madhya Pradesh 54.42% 22.19% 23.39%
Rajasthan 56.63% 21.73% 21.64%
Uttar Pradesh 58.21% 19.56% 22.23%
All States 56.14% 21.31% 22.55%

Question: Should some activity happen every Sunday for the country’s motivation and unity?

State Yes No No opinion
Bihar 86.46% 8.53% 5.01%
Chhattisgarh 87.26% 7.72% 5.02%
Delhi 80.28% 12.15% 7.57%
Haryana 83.57% 11.04% 5.39%
Jharkhand 86.16% 8.27% 5.57%
Madhya Pradesh 85.82% 9.00% 5.18%
Rajasthan 86.16% 8.82% 5.02%
Uttar Pradesh 84.08% 9.72% 6.20%
All States 86.16% 8.82% 5.02%



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