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Forevermark pays tribute to the bold, bright and beautiful better half within every woman

Conceptualised by J Walter Thompson, ‘The Better Half Within’ campaign is based on the insight that whenever a woman is about to give up on her dreams, something deep within her urges her to go on. This is her better half

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Diamond brand Forevermark from The De Beers Group of Companies in its new campaign, ‘The Better Half Within’, has shown the reflection of the poised, powerful, and self-determined personality of the woman of today.

The campaign film has been developed and conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson India (JWT, India) and the media agency for the campaign is Mindshare. It has been produced and directed by Native.

A half-carat diamond characterises those women who are financially independent and have the power to invest in the reflection of their self-worth and hard work. ‘The Better Half Within’ campaign has been conceptualised to define this emotional connect between a woman and a half carat diamond as the perfect expression of her focus on personal achievements.

The films beautifully portray women going after their passions and dreams. The first film focuses on a mother who creates her own recipes for her blog and through the help of her daughter becomes an internet sensation. The second film is based on a doctor who despite having had a long day celebrating her daughter’s birthday finds the motivation to head out for an emergency surgery.

Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark India, said, “Diamonds are symbols of a wider range of emotions, including pride, joy and achievement. Most women these days are breaking clichés by buying diamonds for themselves. With this campaign, we aim at giving these empowered women the choice of the half carat diamond as a precious, long-lasting representation of their individuality, and a mark of their achievement at an attractive price point. Women can purchase a half carat Forevermark diamond with the same assurance that they will be getting their money’s worth with the most beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced diamonds that go beyond the 4Cs.”

Nandita Chalam, Senior Vice-President and Executive Creative Director, J Walter Thompson, said, “J Walter Thompson’s campaign for Half Carat Diamonds from Forevermark is based on a simple insight — whenever a woman is about to give up on her dreams, something deep within her urges her to go on. This is her better half. Half carat diamonds from Forevermark are a tribute to this bold, bright and beautiful better half within every woman. The television commercials tell two charming stories of a doctor and a food blogger who harnessed their inner better halves. Through TV, film, print, radio and digital, the campaign will urge every woman to let her better half shine.”

The campaign includes a film and will utilise national media channels such as TV mainlines, set of print and outdoor ads, digital display, social media, radio channels, and in-store.

The Campaign:

Video 1: 

Video 2: 


Client: Forevermark from The De Beers Group

Creative Agency: J. Walter Thompson India (JWT, India)

Media Agency: Mindshare

Produced and Directed by: Native

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