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Goodknight Cool Gel keeps mosquitoes away, gives a cooling sensation

Conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson India, the campaign is crafted keeping in mind the rural sensibilities and promotes aloe vera gel, which is non-sticky and has a cooling sensation

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Household insecticide brand Goodknight, which has products in the outdoor and personal mosquito repellent category, has introduced a product for its consumers: ‘Goodknight Cool Gel’.

Goodknight Cool Gel has launched a new television commercial that showcases a typical summer night in a small town in Northern India where people prefer sleeping on rooftops to keep the heat at bay and how the mosquito menace does not let them sleep until Cool Gel comes to their rescue. The ad is a parody on a popular old Hindi song – Hai re Hai.

The ad film opens with a senior member (grandfather) in a joint family trying to sleep on the rooftop of his house one summer night. However, mosquitoes do not let him sleep. To address the issue in a comic manner, the grandfather claps his hands and starts singing an old Hindi song – Hai re Hai. Another man gets up with a blanket on his head and continues the song – Neend nahi aye. The third man slaps himself on the face and continues singing – Machhar bada sataye. Then a young girl joins in and sings – Cream chip chipaye, the girl touches sticky arms and frowns. Her brothers pop up in the same frame and make a hand gesture depicting the irritability caused by the sticky and oily mosquito repellent cream they have applied. Just then a woman in the family enters the rooftop area with a solution to all their problems – Ab Goodknight Cool Gel lagao! Machhar Bhagao! Aaraam se so jaao! She is shown applying Goodknight Cool Gel to her youngest son. After applying Goodknight Cool Gel, the family is shown sleeping peacefully. Goodknight Cool Gel is a non-sticky and gel-based repellent with the goodness of aloe vera. Goodknight Cool Gel not only keeps mosquitoes at bay for eight hours but also gives a cooling sensation and helps one sleep peacefully. The ad film also introduces the new Goodknight Cool Gel sachet available at Rs. 10.

Sunil Kataria

Speaking on the ad campaign, Sunil Kataria, CEO, India and SAARC, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL), said, “Goodknight is a brand that has its focus on consumers bases not only in metro cities, but also smaller towns in India. We have cost effective and efficient solutions for the mosquito menace for all our consumers. Brand Goodknight has always understood mothers and their struggle to protect their families from the mosquito menace. The new ad film aptly captures this emotion. Goodknight Cool Gel is an innovative product in the personal repellent category. It comes in a tube and a sachet format for the convenience of consumers.”

Rajesh Gangwani

Speaking on the campaign, Rajesh Gangwani, Managing Partner J. Walter Thompson, Mumbai, said, “The campaign is targeted towards semi-urban and rural consumers who normally sleep outdoors/open air during warm summer nights. The key benefit that we wanted to propagate is that unlike other mosquito repellent creams, our product contains Aloe Vera gel which is non-sticky and has a cooling sensation. The communication is crafted keeping in mind the rural sensibilities and is delivered through an engaging and catchy sing song between the family members.”

The TVC:

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