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Ginger by Lifestyle wants you to flaunt your fashion preferences

The digital film #ImperfectlyPerfect, conceptualised by J Walter Thompson Bangalore, weaves in voices of young girls in a powerful short film exploring how they are judged because of their fashion choices that don’t meet the social norms

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After the digital-first launch of the #ImperfectlyPerfect campaign, Ginger by Lifestyle continues to bring forth the bold, unfiltered and fearless voice of young girls, this time while debunking fashion stereotypes and encouraging girls to make their own fashion rules. The digital film, conceptualised by J Walter Thompson Bangalore, explores the unrealistic demands of fashion and perfection that the society places on young girls.

#ImperfectlyPerfect weaves in voices of young girls in a powerful short film exploring how they are judged because of their fashion choices that don’t meet the social norms such as wearing bright colours while being dark-skinned, making a fashion faux pas by wearing pink on red or by over accessorising despite being petite and so on. The young girls featured in this film are real girls with distinct voices, looking down upon petty societal judgments and telling these condemnatory voices to see them spread their wings and watch them fly.

Srinivasa Rao

Srinivasa Rao, Senior Vice-President, Marketing, Lifestyle, said, “Ginger by Lifestyle has always worked towards empowering girls through fashion and style. It is a brand that is inspired by the young girl of today, her attitude and her beliefs. #ImperfectlyPerfect is inspired by the young girl of today who is strong, opinionated and recognises her unique interpretation of fashion not as an anomaly but as a beautiful distinction. With this campaign, Ginger hopes to resonate with young women, reiterating that it’s their unique fashion sense is what makes them who they are while celebrating the strength they have to rise above any negativity that comes their way.”

Since its inception, Ginger by Lifestyle has seen a consistent high growth by catering to the fashion appetite of the young girls of today who are continuously trying new outfits and looks that are inspired by their Instagram feed. The Ginger Girl is the bold voice with a strong mind ready to rise above superficial discriminations or judgements that the society imposes on her. Targeting an audience that primarily consumes their content digitally, Ginger has gone beyond the realms of mass media to take its core messaging directly to its customer who is digital native.

Priya Shivakumar

“This time we took imperfectly perfect to the next level. Fashion comes with its own set of rules and they can get stifling. Who says two strong prints can’t be worn together or that two strong colours are designed to clash? That a certain body type ought to wear a certain kind of garment, or a certain shade for that matter. Once again Ginger is back, inviting girls to flaunt their fashion preferences loud enough to drown out the voices of fellow fashionistas, critics, stylists or just about anyone who seeks to dictate their fashion choices. To embrace their quirks in their own uniquely imperfectly perfect way and make their attitude no less a statement than their fashion picks,” said Priya Shivakumar, Senior Vice-President and Executive Creative Director, JWT Bangalore.

The Film:


SVP & Managing Partner, JWT Bangalore: Kishore Tadepalli

Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar

ECD & Creative Head: Priya Shivakumar

Creative: Ajay Menon, Sheshadri Namdar, Gaurav Matai

Planning: Shazia S Khan

Servicing: Tiraz Balaporia, Arunabho Sen, Shubhra Madhukar

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