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Haier greets summer with self-cleaning technology ACs

Conceptualised by Zero:Zero the campaign reminds consumers that just cooling alone is not sufficient, a modern AC needs to deliver clean air as well

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Haier, the home appliances and consumer electronics company, has launched a new TVC based on the recently launched air conditioners with self-cleaning technology in India.

Created and conceptualised in collaboration with Zero:Zero Creative Solutions, the TVC premiered on April 6 across TV channels, including leading English, Hindi, GECs and other regional entertainment, movies and music channels. As Haier is also an associate sponsor for IPL 2018, the new TVC will be exclusively aired during the IPL matches as well.

The TVC focuses on the USP of the new range of Haier air conditioners, which is the self-cleaning technology. This new technology enables users to maintain and clean the evaporator unit of the air conditioner with minimal efforts by just tapping on a button. It is very common for the evaporator unit to catch dust in an AC while it is operational. This can lead to health and hygiene issues by transmitting bacteria in the air that comes out of the AC. Therefore, the self-cleaning technology helps clean the evaporator unit automatically, providing a clean air flow along with enhanced cooling efficiency.

The TVC comprises various quirky characters and different situations, such as a man sitting in his living room, who is a little under the weather and is sneezing constantly; then comes another person relaxing in his plush home, who too is down with cough and cold; moving ahead to a couple from a modern contemporary family sitting in their bedroom. To their rescue comes a team of two, a doctor and a nurse with masks on and warning these people about the hazards of unhygienic and contaminated air flow through their ACs resulting into their ill-health. This further proclaims that having a Haier self-cleaning technology air conditioner in the household can help in avoiding such situations/health problems with a clean and bacteria free airflow.

Eric Braganza, President, Haier India, said, “We are glad to announce the launch of this new TVC in India. Pioneering the concept of self-cleaning technology in India, our aim is to provide a clean and hygienic environment to our consumers in their homes, with the introduction of this new range of air conditioners. Through the TVC, we intend to reinforce and strengthen the brand connect with the consumers and familiarise them with the concept of self-cleaning technology.”

Kaushik Roy, Partner, Zero:Zero Creative Solutions, said, "Most air conditioners hide a dirty secret deep within – unclean coils. The result is germ-filled air and diseases. Haier R&D has tackled this health hazard through its self-cleaning technology. The creative idea takes up the challenge of educating people of this menace – by saying that ordinary ACs 'thanda hai par ganda hai'. While Haier ACs 'thanda hai aur changa bhi hai'.”

"Most people expect an AC to deliver just cooling. Our creative approach shows how this short-sighted this is. Cooling is of no use if an AC delivers unhealthy air. The Haier campaign throws the spotlight on this issue by reminding consumers that just cooling is not sufficient; a modern AC needs to deliver clean air,” said Kumar Subramaniam, Partner, Zero:Zero Creative Solutions.

The TVC:


Agency: Zero:Zero

Production House: Taxi Films


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