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Shoppers Stop's new campaign is a montage of beautiful shopping moments

The new campaign conceptualised by Contract Advertising showcases various instances of how customers discover a new side to themselves and rediscover their relationships in the aisles of Shoppers Stop

Click on the image to watch the TVC.

Fashion retail store Shoppers Stop has launched a new campaign that tries to weave in some of the beautiful moments of shoppers.

The ad film sports the brand message, ‘Come together to discover a new side to yourself and your loved ones. And somewhere in our aisles, come together to start something new.’ The film celebrates the joy of shopping and echoes the intent to ‘Bring the Romance Back to Retail’.

The 60-second film takes you through a journey of heartfelt epiphanies, and triggers the cause to rediscover the contours of relationships, and moments of personal transformation that customers experience in the aisles of Shoppers Stop.

Conceptualised by Contract Advertising and directed by Shirsha Guha Thakurta, the TVC is an emotive portrayal of the joy that comes from shopping with one’s family, friends and loved ones and the strengthening of bonds that ensues. In line with Shoppers Stop’s brand philosophy ‘Start Something New’, the TVC showcases various instances of how Shoppers Stop enables its customers across all age-groups to discover a new side to themselves and each other and rediscover their relationships in the aisles of Shoppers Stop.

Vineet Mahajan, Head of Art, India, Contract Advertising said, “Shoppers Stop was the first modern shopping store that I have the earliest memory of. And we wanted this campaign to be about all that is great about this iconic brand. And in this era of on-the-go screen-based shopping, we wanted to remind everyone about what makes this experience so unique… the joy of shopping together!”
The TVC opens with two friends who enter a Shoppers Stop store and immediately set their sight on the very same dress. However, one of them steps back and lets the other friend pick the dress – thereby cementing their closeness.

The TVC progresses to showcase the beautiful relationship between a husband and wife. While the wife picks up a kurta for herself, her husband goes ahead and picks out a skirt for her and smiles mischievously – symbolising the importance of keeping the romance alive in one’s relationship.
The film later unfolds with a beautiful depiction of a young woman who tries on a formal suit for the very first time and shows her new look to her father – emblematic of how daddy’s little girl has grown into a confident and independent young woman.

The TVC has a melodious background score that has been composed and sung by Prateek Kuhad.
Govind Shrikhande, Customer Care Associate and Managing Director, Shoppers Stop, said, “We have been in the business of fashion and creating delightful shopping experiences for the last 25 years. However, the recent changing dynamics of retail has led the industry to shift focus to a transactional mindset that is mired in deep discounting. Our aim is to bring the romance back to retail and bring the focus back to the joy of the shopping experience.”

He went on to add, “Our new TVC is built on the insight that today’s consumers want to pack as many rich experiences into their lives as possible – they want to live 99 lives in one life. Our strategic approach is to appeal to this desire by creating a fresh conversation and designing engaging experiences in our aisles. Shopping, whether for loved ones or for oneself, is a social experience like no other. Our new TVC depicts how Shoppers Stop is the preferred choice for customers across all age-groups who seek new experiences, are embarking on new personal or professional paths and want to discover as well as rediscover a whole new side to themselves. We pride ourselves on being an integral part of our customers’ journeys of personal transformation and helping them always to Start Something New.”

The TVC will first air in Kolkata and Bangalore, followed by the rest of the markets soon.
The brand campaign also extends to the print medium through captivating creative imagery that underscores the joy of shopping with ones loved ones and the art of discovering a new side to oneself in the aisles of Shoppers Stop.

The TVC:


The print campaign:

Ashish Chakravarty, Rohit Srivastav, Vineet Mahajan, Kapil Mishra, Rahul Ghosh, Sambit Mishra, Srividya Sankaran, Ranjit Mhatre, Sagar Gunjal, Swami Anand Tirth, Carl Daji, Geet Nazir, Divya Sethi, Shuvadeep Nag, Sharvari Salvi, Maaz Memon, Abhishek Keni, Benny Alexander, Maruti Padelkar



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