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Google celebrates India’s passion for cinema

Created by Lowe Lintas Delhi, the digital film takes one through an emotional journey of a father and son

Google celebrates India’s passion for cinema

Created by Lowe Lintas Delhi, the digital film takes one through an emotional journey of a father and son

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | June 24, 2016

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Google has always come up with ads that bring moist eyes and its latest campaign is no different. Continuing its focus on India, Google has released a digital film titled ‘The Hero - A Bollywood Story,’ an emotional journey of a father and son on a journey to rediscover dreams with Google Search by their side. The film has been conceptualised by Lowe Lintas Delhi.

The film begins with the son having dinner with his mother. The son, who is now settled in Mumbai, is visiting his parents in his hometown. His father is about to retire as a movie theatre manager, and his mother is worried about what he will do now. The protagonist (son) immediately tells her that they will go with him to Mumbai, but the mother says that won’t be possible. Thereby hangs a 40-year-old story behind ‘Mumbai.’

The mother narrates him the story of his father and the city. His father was an aspiring actor but his grandfather didn’t like it. “Your father had ran away to Mumbai but had to come back because of this reason.” The mother loses hope of them moving to Mumbai.

When the son learns that his father had once aspired to act in movies, he sees him through another lens. He understands his father’s passion when he realises working in a movie theatre reflects his father’s continuing love for cinema. He takes it upon himself to fulfil his father’s dream.

With Google’s help, the son reminds his father what it could have been by showing him the location of where ‘Sholay’ was shot, where his father was supposed to be 40 years ago. They visit a few more famous film locations to rekindle his father’s passion for films. And so begins a journey of father and son as they attempt to achieve the dream that is Bollywood.

The film doesn’t end there. The son had curated all these moments into a film and he shows that in his father’s theatre, where he is the hero! All his friends and colleagues are really proud of him. The film then takes an emotional curve where the father hugs the son and is proud of what he has done. He then says, “I’ve retired now.” To which his son says that a hero never retires…let’s move to Mumbai now and the father agrees as the film ends.

The task for the agency was to showcase the rich immersive search experience that Google brings for all cinema enthusiasts. It also highlights the transformation of Indians over the years. From witnessing a generation that lost out on their dreams, bound by circumstances, to being a generation of today that believes in exploring and fulfilling not only their dreams but also the dreams of their loved ones.

Sapna Chadha of Google said, “Google has a long history of building products for India, and we wanted to make sure that when these millions of Indian cinema fans pick up their phone and ask Google about their favourite films, actors or songs, they get a delightful, local experience.”

Arun Iyer Arun Iyer

Arun Iyer, Chief Creative officer, Lowe Lintas, said, “With a nation that’s crazy about cinema, thousands of people land up in Mumbai every day to be part of this magical world. But very few get to live their dreams. This film was inspired by those lost dreams and new journeys. The story was created around the product that takes you on an emotional journey.”

Naveen Gaur Naveen Gaur

Naveen Gaur, President, Lowe Lintas, said, “Nothing unites this nation like cinema does. So we took that as the context to expand the relevance of Search in people’s everyday life. Cinema is so ingrained in us that we always endlessly want to know about films and the stars. Google with its enhanced search does a great job in helping people know anything about Movies and much more.”

The TVC:



Client: Google India

Agency: Lowe Lintas Delhi

Creative Team: Arun Iyer, Shayondeep Pal, Amar Singh, Arko Provo Bose, Manzoor Alam

Account Management: Naveen Gaur, Nikhil Mahajan, Dallbir Singh, Naman Pal

Planning: Anurag Prasad, Sumant Bhattacharya

Production House: Chrome Pictures

Director: Amit Sharma

Music: Clinton Cerejo

Singer: Kannan Mohan

Lyricist: Amitabh Bhattacharya



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