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Atul Chand, Arshad Siddiqui and Suman Varma launch ExpertBridge

The outfit is a boutique offering of experts-on-demand to organisations in the areas of marketing, brands, digital, trade marketing, sales and distribution, retail and PR

(L-R) Atul Chand, Arshad Siddiqui and Suman Varma

Atul Chand, Ex-CEO ITC Lifestyle, Arshad Siddiqui, Ex-CEO Rasna and Suman Varma, Ex-JWT/Rediffusion Y&R, have together launched ExpertBridge, a boutique offering of Experts-On-Demand to organizations in the areas of marketing, brands, digital, trade marketing, sales & distribution, retail and PR. The outfit aims at delivering a business led approach with comprehensive solutions ranging from strategy and consulting to talent and training, delivering the advantage and creating sustainable value.

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“A rapidly changing business environment and emergence of new consumer trends is throwing up immense opportunities to increase economic output and create sustainable value. Indeed, these are exciting times for all organizations, be it Entrepreneurs, Corporates, Startups or Investors,” said Chand. “With the backing of the most important ingredient - Expert Talent, it is possible to dream big. And for organizations to undertake the journey to realize the full growth potential or to scale up operations or to improve the brand & distribution network or to create new markets or set up robust systems and more. The access to Experts-on-Demand is assisting businesses to overcome yesterday’s limitations and pain, and make them ready for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.”

Siddiqui said, “We share a singular goal to empower organisations and drive lasting positive change through a leadership stance, by embracing a new way of working with Gig workforce / Experts-On-Demand. We work towards adding value to our clients business.”

Varma said, “The startups, small and mid-sized companies who are hungry for growth and cannot afford high cost talent, benefit a lot from ExpertBridge. Of late, we have ourselves become Gigers, taking on projects and leading from the front. These are exciting times for both-the individuals, wanting to be independent and explore on one hand, and for companies who do not attract high quality talent on their payroll to get into short- term contractual arrangement.”

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