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Intel seeks to modernise small medium businesses

Conceptualised by TBWA, Intel in its new campaign wanted to make a shift in the behaviour of small business owners from temporarily fixing old PCs to upgrading their business with Intel 8th Gen Core modern PC

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In its new campaign, global IT giant Intel wanted to connect with the growth and expansion challenges faced by small medium businesses (SMBs). Most of the time, small businesses are unable to keep pace with the changing technology, leading to slow growth of their companies. The brand wished to shift their behaviour from temporarily fixing old PCs to upgrading their business with the Intel 8th Gen Core modern PC.

Many SMBs view a new PC as a cost that can be deferred for another day. This is mostly because they are unaware of the importance of a modern upgraded PC in their business.

Intel wanted to provoke a conversation on the fundamental need of upgraded technology through the Intel 8th Gen Core modern PC so that SMBs can easily meet a new business challenge every day.

First, an extensive research was conducted by Jack Gold Associates, LLC., across the country, to understand the daily inconvenience SMB employees go through. TBWA\Mumbai discovered three critical pain points during this research – an old PC can cost a small business an average loss of Rs 1.87 lakh; employees lose 11 hours a year waiting for old PCs to work and an old PC can make employees 28% less productive. The agency used these three observations as key communication for highlighting the reality of doing business for SMBs in today's time, using GST compliance as a context. Businesses have to constantly upgrade themselves to comply with changing business environment. The campaign showcased the inefficiency of old computers and the wastage of time and effort in SMB during their daily activities. Old PCs just can't keep up with the changing times and it forces employees to waste time in managing the business instead of focusing on growing it further. The solution was to switch to an Intel 8th Gen Core modern PC.

In the campaign, an employee is seen struggling with a simple task of providing the GST files to his boss due to the lagging performance of an old PC. It shows the reality of how business owners fail to see this as a hindrance in their endeavour to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

The campaign has been launched across multiple media segments, supported by digital promotions. Collaboration was established with knowledge hubs such as CNBC India and to educate small businesses. With the aid of articles, open discussions and talk shows, SMBs were guided on ways to succeed and solve their day-to-day challenges. The audience members who were privy to these communications were eventually led to the Intel microsite,

Subramanian Krishnan, Chief Strategy Officer at TBWA\ Mumbai, said, "Our brief was to communicate the importance of owning a fast PC to small medium businesses. And our story context came from the Indian insight on the tendency to blame the employee rather than the machine. The campaign showcased an employee repetitively being unable to deliver the asked GST files to his boss. While he gets blamed for the delay, the slow performance of the old PC goes unnoticed. The moral of the story? Empowering their employees with an Intel 8th Gen Core modern PC is a better roadmap to success.”

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