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Casbaa renamed as Asia Video Industry Association

The association aims to broaden its membership and interests it represents to include video-on-demand companies and telcos

Changing industry dynamics has resulted in the renaming of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (Casbaa) as the Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) with a new mandate to represent the interests of companies across the broader video industry.

The association will be focused on three main goals: to be the interlocutor for the video industry with governments across the Asia Pacific region; to be dedicated to reducing video piracy and creating a more sustainable business environment within which established and new video companies can innovate and grow; and to be a leading source of insight into the video industry through publications and reports as well as seminars and conferences.

As part of the change, AVIA will actively seek to broaden its membership and the interests it represents to include video on demand companies and telcos for whom video is playing an increasingly important role. On the back of these changes, two new companies have joined AVIA: Toolbox, the leading provider of ‘TV everywhere’ services in Latin America that is now reaching out to Asia; and the popular streaming service Netflix.

AVIA is also re-introducing a category for smaller companies and start-ups to become members, and making it clear that all employees of member companies are members. The voting entitlements of different member categories have also been amended to take account of their respective contributions.

Speaking about the changes, Louis Boswell, CEO of AVIA, said, “As an industry association, we need to reach out to all parts of the video ecosystem and we need to embrace change. Our role must be to try and create a better environment for our members to grow their businesses and at the same time provide insight into how the industry is changing.”

Speaking about the new association, President of Turner Asia Pacific, Ricky Ow, said, “The change allows AVIA to be a better representation of the video ecosystem and members should rightfully expect our industry organisation to have its core focus on key industry issues. I believe these changes are a huge step in the right direction to keeping AVIA at the forefront of the video industry in Asia and will serve it well for many years to come.”

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