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Nutralite launches mayonnaise range, enables users to become Sanjeev Kapoor’s sous chefs

Conceptualised by Tonic Worldwide, Nutralite’s latest campaign breaks the clutter by introducing interactive videos by Chef Kapoor, who invites users to choose their ingredients and guide him on making the recipes

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YouTube recipe channels of master chefs are becoming very popular, and taking it as cue Nutralite launched its mayonnaise range through a unique digital video campaign to win over consumers.

Today, almost every household has a ‘YouTube chef’ who relies on the video sharing website to whip up exciting dishes every day. Home chefs are also creative in their kitchen and constantly whipping tasty recipes for their fussy customers (their children). With this insight, Nutralite’s latest campaign turns the table on the usual recipe videos and breaks the clutter by introducing interactive videos by none other than Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor who invites users to choose their ingredients and guide him on making the recipe. The video has multiple ingredient options and different users could choose their own favourite ingredients and make a different version of their recipe in this interactive recipe video. The same video can produce different recipes depending on the choices made.

Stemming from the insight that kids can be fussy when it comes to eating healthy food, the recipe videos are created in a manner that helps the audience make healthy food, tasty!

Nutralite’s three mayonnaise variants – Nutralite Mayo Veg, Nutralite Mayo Achari and Nutralite Mayo Cheesy Garlic, fortified with Vitamins A, D and E, fulfil almost 30% of the daily Vitamin requirement. The videos have Chef Kapoor giving the audience different choices for ingredients and the Nutralite Mayo variant that they would like him to use in the recipe seeding in product usage.

This way, keeping their kid’s preferences in mind, users can create multiple versions of a recipe using Nutralite’s Mayonnaise variants.

For the first time, users can be ‘sous chefs’ to India’s most loved chef and together, they create dishes that are healthy and tasty!

Chetan Asher, CEO and Co-Founder, Tonic Worldwide, said, “The spreads category is extremely challenging with brands that have deeper pockets and are well-established. The need of the hour in this campaign was to ensure not just awareness of the new range but also encourage usage by showcasing recipes that are actually chosen and made by them.”

Sachin Dingankar, Head of Marketing at Zydus Wellness Ltd., said, “Many mothers love to cook, but doing that along with one of the best chefs in the country is surely a valuable experience. Using YouTube as the prime medium, the very idea of moving forward with a recipe according to the user's preferences is unique. Along with this, the campaign has provided a real-time picture of Nutralite Mayo's functionality, which drives through the impact of this campaign.”

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