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&TV launches Laal Ishq, a romantic fiction series with a supernatural twist

Intertwined with romance and thrill, the show that will air at 10pm on weekends, portrays love in a way that will make viewers question the clichéd happily ever-after love stories

&TV has launched a new fiction show, Laal Ishq, a series of passionate love stories with a supernatural twist. The series will launch on June 23 and will be aired at 10 pm, every Saturday and Sunday.

Intertwined with romance and thrill, the show portrays love in a way that will make viewers question the clichéd happily ever-after love stories. The episodic weekend series brings together stories designed by multiple creative minds – Dipti Kalwani (Sunny Side Up), Kabir Sadanand (Frog Entertainment) and Sachin Mohite (Jaasvand Entertainment). Furthermore, prominent faces from the television industry like Sayantani Ghosh, Priyank Sharma, Mahhi Vij, Zain Imam, Veebha Anand, Preetika Rao, Karam Rajpal, Niti Taylor among others will be seen donning various never-seen-before characters on screen.

Vishnu Shankar

Vishnu Shankar, Head, &TV, said, “Laal Ishq is another addition to this unique repertoire, wherein we have on board multiple producers and creative heads along with some of the most popular faces of Indian television. Love as a genre is a favourite with the audience and we are adding a supernatural twist to it. The weekend timeline and episodic format of the show is sure to build intrigue and compel the audience to come back for more.”

Dipti Kalwani, Producer, Sunny Side Up Films, said, “With Laal Ishq, I’ve got another opportunity to collaborate with &TV and create magic by blending two of my most favourite genres – romance and the supernatural. Moreover, working with a great cast certainly helped bring the stories to life. This is a unique concept and I am confident that it will pan out well and be liked by the audience.”

Kabir Sadanand, Producer, Frogs Unlimited, added, “Presenting your version of a love story with supernatural elements, being in sync with the content and vision of the other producers that are a part of this series – all of this requires a different level of creativity altogether. Working on Laal Ishq has been an extremely challenging, yet enriching and fulfilling process.”

Sachin Mohite, Producer, Jaasvand Entertainment, said, “Each narrative of Laal Ishq will combine romance and supernatural which is a treat for the viewer. It will leave the audience with an excited and unsettling feeling, something which is not usually seen with love stories.”

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