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Star Plus to extend three more seasons of Ted Talks India: Nayi Soch

The blog posted by Ted Talks said the first season drew an astounding 96 million viewers over its first season in fall 2017

Ted has renewed the Hindi version of Ted Talks, titled Ted Talks India: Nayi Soch, for three more seasons on Star Plus. Hosted by actor Shah Rukh Khan, the Hindi TV and digital series premiered in December 2017. This is the only version of Ted Talks adapted in a regional language.

The blog posted by Ted Talks mentioned, “The first season, which featured speakers delivering inspiring and informative talks in Ted’s signature style of 18 minutes or less, drew an astounding 96 million viewers over its first season in fall 2017.”

Ted Talks India: Nayi Soch speakers deliver Ted Talks in Hindi on topics as varied as science and social justice before a live studio audience, with professional subtitles in Hindi and in English. Almost every talk features a short Q&A between the speaker and Khan that dives deeper into the ideas shared onstage.

Uday Shankar

Uday Shankar, CEO and Chairman, Star TV, said, “Star TV is committed to developing programming that goes beyond pure entertainment to inspire and educate our massive audience. Both the critical response and the tremendous viewers love for this series were key factors in our decision to bring Ted Talks India: Nayi Soch back for at least three more seasons.”

Juliet Blake, Head of Television, Ted, who was the executive producer of the series, said, “We’re incredibly proud of this show’s accomplishments breaking barriers to reach new audiences, and look forward to spending the next several seasons inspiring a nation to embrace ideas and curiosity.”

Chris Anderson, Head of Ted, said, “Ted’s goal is to develop compelling new content formats that can make ideas available and relevant to billions of people we haven’t reached yet. This journey with Star TV and Khan allowed us to make significant progress spreading ideas.”

Khan said, “I believe passionately India is brimming with brave and brilliant ideas, and that those ideas never mattered more. This programme features India’s finest storytellers in a surprising blend of entertainment, inspiration and intellectualism, and I‘m more commitTed than ever to spread their ideas to my country and the rest of the world.”

The Ted Talks India: Nayi Soch audience stretches beyond television on and for Ted mobile app users in India. Each episode has been conveniently broken out into individual Ted Talks, one talk for each speaker on the programme. Viewers can watch and share them on their own, or download them as playlists to watch one after another.

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