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Gozoop bags Club Mahindra’s digital listening and insight mandate

The agency will establish a consumer experience team that will listen, understand and track valuable web conversations of customers on social media around the brand

Gozoop has won the digital listening and insight mandate for Club Mahindra following a multi-agency pitch.

The agency is tasked with the mandate to establish a dedicated Consumer Experience Team (CET) that will listen, understand and track valuable web conversations of customers on social media around the brand. The day-to-day execution of CET will be handled by Gozoop’s Digital Command Centre (DCC).

It will also support Club Mahindra to understand customers better by sharing real-time social monitoring to measure sentiments, thus extending brand engagement and practicable social media crisis.

Ahmed Aftab Naqvi

Ahmed Aftab Naqvi, CEO and Co-Founder, Gozoop, said, “Today when a customer wants to speak to a brand, digital is the go-to platform. If these conversations are tracked in real-time and handled smartly it can not only improve the customer experiences but also provide valuable insights that can improve a brand’s products and services. At Gozoop we have a best in class team, tools and processes to deliver this solution and we look forward to leveraging the same for Club Mahindra.”

Premkumar Iyer

Premkumar Iyer, Director, Digital Command Centre, Gozoop added, “With a zillion conversations around a brand and its key people – brands are either built or buried on social media. As marketers, it is imperative that our approach towards audience engagement evolves to stay ahead of these changing times. CET empowers us to identify relevant signals across digital platforms, well in advance, enabling us to engage and enhance the consumer experience, thereby creating strong stories of consumer delights for Club Mahindra.”  

Giridhar Seetharam

Giridhar Seetharam, Chief Marketing Officer, Club Mahindra, stated, “Digital engagement with our customers is constantly increasing. Not only is it a more efficient way to deliver services to our members, it is also helpful in understanding their requirements better. With Gozoop’s solution, we should be able to monitor the conversations around our brand more effectively and engage with our customers more positively.”

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited (MHRIL) offers quality family holidays primarily through vacation ownership memberships.

Gozoop is an integrated communication agency with a digital first marketing firm. It’s specialised in an integrated approach towards marketing, combining creative both digital as well as mainline along with media under one roof.

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