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Apollo Munich Health Insurance signs Farhan Akhtar as its brand ambassador

AMHI has introduced a new category ‘Winsure’ with a health insurance plan called ‘Health Wallet’ that addresses pertinent questions such as value for money, ease and great service

Health insurance company Apollo Munich Health Insurance (AMHI) has announced appointed Farhan Akhtar as its brand ambassador.

In an endeavour to offer a unique winning proposition to its customers, AMHI has introduced a new category ‘Winsure’ with its win-win health insurance plan called ‘Health Wallet’. This one-of-a-kind policy addresses pertinent questions such as value for money, ease and great service. Health Wallet not only addresses the current needs of the customers by paying for their hospitalisation and OPD expenses, but ensures affordability of continuing their policy in later years.

The disruptive and innovative Health Wallet plan also comes with a ‘Reserve’ benefit, which allows creation of a reserve kitty for the customers that can be in turn used for a variety of out-of-pocket expenses such as speech therapy, purchase of medicines, vaccinations, dental expenses, diagnostic tests, spectacles, contact lenses, etc.

Apollo Munich has pledged to create awareness about the advantages of health insurance among the Indian citizens. With this association, Akhtar will dedicate his efforts towards supporting the company in its 360-degree campaign to create awareness and educate people on the importance of health insurance.

“We are excited and pleased to have Farhan Akhtar as our Brand Ambassador as we believe his work and values represent the core values of our organization,” stated Nandini Ali, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo Munich Health Insurance. “Farhan exemplifies key qualities as a human being that we value at Apollo Munich. A multi-talented personality- Farhan Akhtar reflects the essence of the brand by his attitude of challenging the status quo and attributes such as innovation, commitment, versatility and determination to make a difference. I truly believe Farhan will embody our passion towards the greater cause, our philosophy and our values by way of products & services in the most apt and assertive manner that will resonate amongst all our customers, partners, contributors and people at large. Together, we shall make India health confident.”

Akhtar said, “I am a firm believer that taking care of our health is of primary importance. And healthcare is not a privilege anymore, it’s a right. Lack of accessibility to proper healthcare services is not at all tolerable in this 21st century. However it is heartening to see more or less each one of us is aware when it comes to taking care of our health and the benefits of it, but again I hear that healthcare services are not affordable. So what’s the use? I strongly believe that these are basic necessities. And I wish everyone could avail these healthcare services. But one company has been thinking. And for the last 10 years they have just invested in making all of us understand the importance of leading healthy lifestyle, taking care of our health and most importantly how to plan for the future of our good health. That’s what in the long run will make us or break us. Buying health insurance is indeed doing a favour to yourself.”

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