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Life OK promotes ‘Har Mard Ka Dard’ with innovative marketing strategy

The show specially targeting the male audience is directed by Parmeet Sethi and stars Faisal Rashid and Jhinal Belani in lead roles

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Mumbai | February 15, 2017


Life OK launched its new sitcom ‘Har Mard Ka Dard’ on February 14 that will be aired from Monday to Friday at 8.00 pm. The channel is mainly targeting male audience though this show. Life OK has innovatively activated radio networks, print media, on ground activations and social media to promote the show.

Starring Faisal Rashid (Vinod Khanna) and Jhinal Belani (Sonu) in lead roles, the sitcom is produced by Tony and Deeya Singh of DJ’s Creative Unit and directed by Parmeet Sethi.

In the show, the protagonist Vinod Khanna seems to be blessed with superpowers to understand and answer the most crucial question, ‘What is going on in a woman’s mind?’

TV as a medium was utilised to the fullest to promote the show. Three distinct promos were used. The first promo is set across three decades citing instances of a typical husband-wife nok-jhok. The second promo showcases the various meanings in a woman’s dictionary of the sentence ‘Okay fine go’ and the third promo gives a glimpse of Vinod going to a temple and pleading to a goddess with his prayers being answered. The promos were an instant hit among the male audiences as they were very honest and relatable communication.

Promo 1:


Promo 2:


Promo 3:


As part of the promotional activities, Life OK and Red FM will get 50 male RJs from across the cities to talk about ‘Har Mard Ka Dard’. Unlike every year where the radio channel celebrates Valentine’s Day with its ardent listeners, Red FM this year will give this day of love a skip and will dedicate this day to men to share their ‘Man Ki Baat’. The RJs will speak their heart out about personal experiences of understanding women.

Life OK has also launched a rap song titled Dard-E-Rap video, which is a tribute to all men on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The song gives an insight into various ways in which men struggle to understand women. The video provides a humorous take on how a woman’s mind works. The lyrics of the rap narrate Vinod Khanna’s life with the words, ‘No means no, yes means no and maybe ka matlab is also no’. Vinod raps on the fact that ‘there are 99 shades for the word fine, whereas okay has 100 different meanings’.

With the channel’s focus on the male audiences, the channel was on the lookout to promote the show at touch points that are conversation starters for men, where men connect. A research carried out by the channel came out with the inference that barber shops is one of the places where men spend their time. Taking this outcome forward, the channel has put up stickers on mirrors across barber shops in Delhi, Gujarat and Punjab with a tagline that reads ‘Bina blade ke shave karna mumkin hain, par aurton ko samajhna mushkil hi nahin na mumkin hai’ and ‘Sar ke saare baal ginana mumkin hai, par aurton ko samajhna mushkil hi nahin na mumkin hai’. The whole idea of having stickers on the mirror is to catch the men’s attention and draw them to a conversation with other men on the concept of the show.

To top it all, Chetan Bhagat who has interviewed over 100 women for his book ‘One Indian girl’ which he wrote from a women’s perspective, was roped in to launch a life-size book with lead protagonist Faisal Rashid titled ‘A Guide to Understanding Women’. Chetan Bhagat was the first man to write on the book followed by Faisal Rashid. While men would be documenting their experiences of failing to understanding women, their counterparts can also come forth and share their views on what men must do in order to understand them better. The 4ft book will be travelling across the lengths and breadths of the country to reach as many people as possible.

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