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Life OK brings comedy show ‘Alaxmi’

Premiered on July 2, 2012, the show takes 9 pm slot from Monday to Friday

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | July 4, 2012

Historically, Dwarka, the holy city of Gujarat, has sunk six times. But the Kapadia family of Dwarka may sink the city one more time, if they don’t stop fighting amongst each other. In a strange way the Kapadias are the misfortune of Dwarka. But what happens if they rope in a misfortune of another village to turn their misfortune into fortune?

Life OK’s new show, ‘Alaxmi’, which premiered on July 2 at 9PM, is a strangely funny comedy on Laxmi, a young girl who is deemed to be panvati or bad luck. The entire Kapadia family – Mohandas (Raman Kumar), Natwarlal (Anang Desai), Ram (Sunil Vishrani) , Laxman (Karan Mehta), Bharat (Ujjwal Chopra), with their respective better halves, Neelam (Purvi Vyas), Heera (Priyamvada) and Panna (Disha Savla), and all the kids were present to welcome their ‘super bahu’ Alaxmi (Helly Shah) into ‘Kargil’, i.e., Shanti Niwas. Also, making a special appearance on earth to welcome her Alaxmi Bahu into the house was swargvasi Dadi (Supriya Pathak).

‘Alaxmi’, as rechristened by the villagers, is a walking-talking riot, who is hyperactive, very talkative and absolutely whimsical in her way of life. She means well but somehow always creates havoc wherever she goes, for whoever she talks to. ‘Khalbhali hai par suna hai, dil ki bhali hai’ is what the villagers say about Alaxmi, and everybody runs miles away when they see her coming!

But these misfortunate antics of Alaxmi are the perfect antidote to the bickering Kapadia family of Shanti Niwas that is fighting over the family fortune. Mohan Das is certain that Alaxmi’s comical and unusual ways of dealing with situations will surely set the Kapadia family straight. He is determined to turn this ‘Kargil war zone’ into a peace-loving home for his six sons and daughters-in-law – even if it means getting his son married to someone considered ‘Alaxmi’ or ‘bad luck’.

“There is plenty of quarrelling, bickering and emotional ups and downs in everybody’s lives. We want to make sure the viewer forgets about his own reality and enjoys his TV viewing time. Alaxmi is the perfect example of learning how to harness negative situations and turn them around positively. That’s how life is OK,” commented Ajit Thakur, General Manager, Life OK.

But what will happen when the Kapadia family finally unlocks the Pandora’s Box and bring Alaxmi to their house? To find out, watch this brand new comedy of errors, of mayhem and havoc, unravel in this TV series full of laughs, irony and crazy ideas to restore peace.

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