How digital skills transform small businesses

At individual levels, any person who is either equipped with skills of the future or looking to up-skill to be ready for future challenges has a better chance to be successful or remain relevant


August 13, 2020

Pradeep Khatri

Large corporations and larger-than-life personal brands have successfully demonstrated the power of digital in their respective successes. Early adopters and digital leaders have been enjoying significant gains in efficiency and their bottom line.

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A SAP study in the past found that 80% of companies that have undertaken digitisation efforts saw increased profitability while 85% of digital leaders enjoyed increased market share. Laggards are simply missing out on these.

Digitisation is fully capable to do same magic for the small businesses as well. In fact a huge number of small yet smart start-ups have already mastered the art and have become big.

Digital adoption help small businesses transform in three key areas, exposure, revenue, and optimisation. Digital gives a global exposure to small businesses, it improves revenues and profit as the seller can interact the buyers directly, it helps them stay atop the market dynamism, which in turn these small businesses rudder themselves better and optimise their offerings at a much faster pace.

Being equipped with an understanding of the fundamentals of digital is necessary for everyone. This resonates with the DNA of DigiVidyapeeth as an organisation; it says digital is for everyone. If we look around, this is clearly evident in our day-to-day lives, much more evident now than ever.

Most of us have paid a chaiwala outside our offices via payment apps like PayTM, PhonePe, Google Pay and the likes. This is a classic example of digital familiarity. People have started adopting digital in one way or the other and in the next couple of years most businesses will either be online or at least will have to have a fully operational digital arm.

The Covid pandemic has only expedited the revolution that gained momentum in India with PM Modi’s call for Digital India a few years ago, followed by demonetisation. On a daily basis, we see businesses being pushed online. At individual levels, any person today who is either equipped with these skills of the future or looking to up-skill to be ready for the challenges awaiting us in the near future has a better chance to be successful or remain relevant. Laggards will be looking into the eyes of extinction. Am not saying that these ‘avoiders’ will go extinct, but will have to adopt it sooner or later to avoid extinction. This change will not only improve the chances to scale their business but also secure better jobs for professionals. Global trends stand testimony to the fact.

There are so many up-skilling options available today. However, each one of us today needs a basic level understanding of search, social, ecommerce, bulk marketing with designing and development to be part of this digital revolution. This revolution can be compared with what happened with black and white TVs in 1970s and ’80s, colour TVs in the ’90s, mobile phones in 2000s and smartphones and endless possibilities in the last decade, specifically in the last five years.

Digital future is here and is approaching us much faster than we all are assuming. Three to four months back, majority of us didn’t know of e-classes, e-meetings, webinars and today we are part of the ecosystem. This is the breakneck speed I am referring to.

People talk of a need of formal trainings in this domain and where do you get it from. To that, I can ensure that no formal trainings are enough. One needs to go for a practical one. I keep telling people that either you spend 15 or 20 years mastering a trade or learn it from people who have spent 15 or 20 years in the industry and who can share their collective practical experiences with you.

One such platform that we have created is DigiVidyapeeth, where we have an entire galaxy of industry practitioners who can equip one with all one needs in terms of 360-degree overview of digital marketing, where you can get practical knowledge in just 24 teaching hours, spread across four weekends, interacting live with experts in the closest classroom experience that can be provided online. Digital is for everyone and we have taken it up as a mission, hence the prices have been kept extremely affordable.  

(Pradeep Khatri is the Founder of DigiVidyapeeth, which caters to those seeking professional education through vocational and applied courses.)

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