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Leo Burnett and AqVerium announce world's first 'Water Sustainability Score'

The initiative not only rates but also helps brands with end-to-end solutions that help them offset their score and take actions to become more water positive. This score is re-evaluated annually

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Leo Burnett and AqVerium announced world's first 'Water Sustainability Score'.

Solving for Water is the core agenda when it comes to sustainable development as it is at the heart of adapting to climate change. It is a finite and irreplaceable resource - only renewable, if well managed.

Thousands of litres of water are used, not only to create products but also in the process of bringing them to our doorstep. This makes it a responsibility for people and organisations to ensure efficient, equitable and sustainable allocation of this resource. 

The world’s first water report card for brands - simply broken down in a 1-100 score, that talks about how water is sourced, used, wasted or recycled in the entire process of creating a product.

This initiative not only rates but also helps brands with end-to-end solutions that help them offset their score and take actions to become more water positive. This score is re-evaluated annually.

Adopting the Water Sustainability Score acts as a commitment from organisations to bring transparency and accountability to their efficient use of water.

Much like compliance logos such as the Cruelty-free, Certified Vegan, Fairtrade, Energy Rating Label and the Recyclable symbol, this score can be displayed on the product, packaging and other corporate material through a unique symbol.

Brands from FMCG, lifestyle, electronics, automobile, construction and even airlines, everyone can use this score and show their commitment to water positivity, and give their consumers the choice of choosing a more sustainable product.

Rajdeepak Das, CEO & CCO, Leo Burnett South Asia, Creative Council - Publicis Groupe India, said, “At Burnett, we believe that creativity’s true power is in solving real problems of the world. The water crisis is already upon us and adopting the Water Sustainability Score - a first-of-its-kind report card on how water positive a brand really is can bring transparency and accountability in the indiscriminate use of water. This is not just an initiative but a true Humankind idea which has the potential to impact a billion by helping save one of the most important resources for the earth – ‘water’ and take us forward to a water-positive future.”

Subramanya Kusnur, Chairman & CEO, AquaKraft Group Ventures, said, “The water crisis is real and needs immediate action. A lot has been spoken about Climate with water clearly missing the narrative. We are thrilled to have partnered with Leo Burnett – an agency that is known for its impactful work on sustainability to not only amplify this message but take timely action towards this crisis. We already have mapped out water-positive practices and getting brands to pledge towards the ‘Water Sustainability Score’ can be a game changer in water preservation. To this effect, we have onboarded Bangalore International Airport Limited on AqVerium and verified & validated the Water Audit report provided to us.  We are happy to present the first “Water Sustainability Score”, recognising & incentivising the water positivity of organisations, along with their commitment to sustainability.”

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Minister for Jal Shakti, Government of India, said, “It is very heartening to see Bangalore International Airport Limited’s water sustainability program have voluntarily onboarded themselves on AquaKraft’s AqVerium which shows commitment towards corporate water stewardship. The Water Sustainability Score is an innovative way of branding sustainability and will build healthy competition amongst corporates in water stewardship.”

The Water Sustainability score video:


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