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Fractal Ink’s Priyanka Agrawal joins Punt Partners as Co-Founder

Agrawal had been part of the Fractal Ink journey from its inception in 2010 to their joining the Dentsu group in 2016 till her exit in 2022

Priyanka Agrawal

Almost a year after exiting Dentsu One as Chief Strategy Officer of Fractal Ink and Managing Partner, CX consulting, Priyanka Agrawal has joined Punt Partners as co-founder. 

Agrawal had been part of the Fractal Ink journey from its inception in 2010 to their joining the Dentsu group in 2016 till her exit in 2022. Earlier, Agrawal had worked in London in design roles at The Daily Mail Group Trust (DMGT). 

After exiting Dentsu, Agrawal started an innovation consulting practice, Forward Slash, which focused on digital transformation for Fortune 500 companies in the US.  

Punt Partners said that Agrawal is coming to onboard Punt Partners to build a new consult practice that marries innovation, design and technology to deliver outstanding customer interventions for brands. She will focus primarily on the North America market.

Agrawal said “I had been avidly following Punt’s journey from inception as a well-wisher and cheerleader having known Sidharth over the last six years. We had spoken many times as Sid and Madhu brainstormed with me about the role of transformation conversations in successful CX outcomes. I felt strongly that the Punt journey as envisaged is a great opportunity to leverage technology, data and design for great brand outcomes.”

On how she sees her role at Punt, Agrawal said “At Punt Partners, I saw an opportunity to be able to create a real impact for brands by being a part of their innovation conversation. I am truly excited to join Punt Partners as a Co-Founder and be part of a dynamic team that is dedicated to creating a real impact in the industry. Our collective experience and vision will allow us to deliver exceptional value to our clients and drive transformative growth. I look forward to working closely with our team to shape the future of CX Services."

Madhu Sudhan added “Over the past year, Sid and I have had numerous discussions with Priyanka to explore potential collaboration opportunities. We recognised that her unique skill set and extensive domain experience are rare and highly valuable in ensuring successful outcomes in the field of MarTech solutions. We deeply admired the strong brand that Fractal Ink had built and the impressive work that Priyanka had delivered for her clients. After Sid's unfortunate passing, it became clear to me that Priyanka was the ideal co-founder to carry forward the vision of Punt Partners. We share a strong personal connection and aligned professional values, particularly in our emphasis on prioritizing experience design over technology execution. I am excited to have her join us and look forward to embarking on this shared journey together.”


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