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Youva’s ‘Nayi Class, Nayi Stationery’ campaign welcomes students back to school for the new academic year

The campaign consists of a film which has been released on social media channels

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Youva, from the House of Navneet, has released its #BackToSchool campaign ahead of the new academic year, which introduces its latest stationery collection.

With the start of the new academic year, students experience a mix of emotions as they prepare to go back to school. To capture this excitement and motivate students, Youva has launched the "Nayi Class, Nayi Stationery" campaign.

The brand collaborated with ANTS Digital, a digital marketing agency, and Antastic Studios, the production house, to craft a compelling that resonates with students.

The campaign aims to depict the essence of a child's emotions when he receives a fresh set of stationery to start a new academic year. Transitioning to a new grade brings excitement and a hint of nervousness, as students look forward to meeting new teachers, making new friends, and discovering new classrooms.

Abhijit Sanyal, Chief Strategy Officer and spokesperson of Youva, said, “Our goal is to instil enthusiasm in students as they return to school through our captivating campaign titled ‘Nayi Class, Nayi Stationery.’ In collaboration with ANTS Digital, we have crafted a compelling film. The introduction of our brand-new product range, along with the BTS campaign, aims to revive the connection with students. In this film, we wanted to show the joy we, as children, felt when we received new stationery at the beginning of a new academic year.”

Sanjay Arora, CEO of Ants Digital, commented, "This film captures the emotions that all children feel when a new academic year is about to start, and especially when they are surprised with the new stationery every year. The #BackToSchool film is a perfect way to exhibit this emotion. Youva has trusted us to create this film again and this time we have got on board a very young and talented team of Antastic Studios to create this piece of work for our client.”


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