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Nirmala Lakshman replaces Malini Parthasarathy as Chairperson of The Hindu Group

Making her resignation public, Parthasarathy also hinted at a disagreement with the board of the The Hindu Group

Malini Parthasarathy (Left), Nirmala Lakshman (Right)

Malini Parthasarathy has resigned from the board of The Hindu Group Publishing (THGPPL). 

Following this, Nirmala Lakshman has been unanimously appointed Chairperson of the Board of Directors of THGPPL for a term of three years.

In a statement, Parthasarathy hinted at a disagreement with the board. "My term as Chairperson of The Hindu Group Publishing ends. However, I have also resigned from the Board of the THGPPL as I find the space and scope for my editorial views shrinking," Parthasarathy tweeted.

"My entire endeavour as Chairperson and Director, Editorial Strategy was to ensure that The Hindu Group revives its legacy of fair and unbiased reporting. Also, my efforts were to free our narrative from entrenched ideological bias. Since I find the scope for my efforts has narrowed, I have decided to move on. I thank all my well-wishers and friends who have supported this challenging journey," she added. 

Parthasarathy had served as the Executive Editor of The Hindu on two occasions. Her first term as a newsroom leader lasted from 1996 to 2004, during which she also served as the Executive Editor. The second stint took place from 2015 to 2016, during which she resigned due to overall dissatisfaction with her performance, as per media reports.

In July 2020, Parthasarathy had taken over as the Chairperson of the Board, succeeding N Ram. 

Lakshman, who succeeds Parthasarathy, brings with her more than four decades of experience as an editor, writer and strategist for the Hindu's various publications.

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