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MMA Global India concludes ‘MMA Impact India 2023’ event

The marketing conference on May 30, 2023, brought together marketing minds from across India. The event showcased a series of panel discussions, keynotes, and masterclass sessions

MMA Global India recently concluded the MMA Impact India 2023 event.

The marketing conference on May 30, 2023, brought together marketing minds from across India. The event showcased a series of panel discussions, keynotes, and masterclass sessions.

MMA Impact India 2023 was held at the Taj Santacruz in Mumbai.

The Modern Marketing Reckoner 2023- an MMA and GroupM initiative: Transform to Thrive, was launched at MMA Impact India 2023. This year’s report reveals emerging trends for 2023 that are transforming the way people interact and consume information.

Filled with insights, this report is a 360-degree tool for marketers to take on challenges and get acquainted with adaptation techniques to navigate various uncertainties in 2023.

MMA India also recently unveiled the CXO Handbook titled "Winning With Data," recognising the pivotal role of digital data in achieving success. This guide is the result of a collaborative effort involving contributors such as Accenture, Google, Unilever, Flipkart Ads, and Vserv AudiencePro.

Further, an online primary study was conducted in which 175 respondents participated. The objective of the study was to gauge the industry's perspective on ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) regarding the level of awareness, challenges and opportunities to be a part of the ONDC ecosystem. The study aimed to explore the potential benefits and challenges associated with ONDC and its potential influence on the future of digital commerce.

Highlights from the data include:

● 90% of respondents expressed their likelihood to adopt ONDC in some form within their companies.

● A significant 73% of respondents believed that ONDC could effectively level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses in the digital commerce space.

● According to the respondents, ONDC holds the potential to transform digital commerce through market expansion, interoperability, and cost reduction.

● The majority of respondents, comprising 51%, expressed a strong belief in their company's high likelihood of adopting ONDC in the future, while 39% considered it somewhat likely.

● A notable 54% of respondents believed that consumers would greatly benefit from the implementation of ONDC, gaining access to a wider range of products and services.

The event featured keynote sessions that explored emerging technologies, the impact of Generative AI on marketing, the digitisation of commerce, and the evolving landscape of media. These sessions provided attendees with insights and knowledge, shaping their understanding of current and future marketing trends.

In the session on Emerging Tech, attendees gained insights into the role of artificial intelligence, data tech, ad tech, and innovations such as Metaverse, AR/VR, and their potential to enhance customer engagement and drive business results.

The keynote session titled "Marketing in the Era of Generative AI: Challenges and Opportunities" explored the paradigm shift in the role of humans and AI in marketing. It discussed the transformational opportunities and formidable challenges that arise as AI surpasses humans in storytelling, image creation, melody composition, conversations, and virtual world creation.

The Digitising Commerce session focused on topics like O2O (online-to-offline) strategies, omnichannel approaches, and the power of exceptional customer experiences. The keynote session, "Creating A Seamless Omni-Commerce Experience," delved into meeting consumer expectations of a hybrid experience while rethinking omnichannel strategies. It provided insights on driving online and offline sales in the world of Digital x Physical convergence.

In the media session, industry experts discussed new opportunities in connected TV (CTV), e-commerce advertising, voice and audio marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, brand safety, and effective measurement techniques.

The keynote session titled "Think CTV: What do we know about changing viewership and how does that redefine our marketing choices" highlighted the rapid growth of CTV as the fastest-growing screen on YouTube. It explored the changing viewership contexts and how brands need to redefine their media mix to meaningfully connect with premium audiences.

Moneka Khurana, Country Head and Board Member, MMA Global - India, emphasised the need for empowered marketers who can drive performance, leverage data and technology, and build brand reputation. She said, "While you are familiar with the theme, I would like to contextualise the theme differently, saying ‘Past vessels fail to contain the future’ and I truly believe so because this is really where we are, that too because of four key shifts that have happened across the board: Technology shifts (AI, 5G, Blockchain and more), Power shifts (From Center to Edge; from institution to an individual; from consolidated to fragmented), Boundary shifts (Be it office/home boundaries, be it hierarchy changes or blurring of roles) and Mind shifts (Due to Generational Differences and change in consumer behaviour) because there are generational differences, in the light of which we are living in a way more empowered world than before hence it needs empowered marketers with a greater voice, I would like to call them full-stack marketers who can drive performance, and leverage data and technology while building brand and reputation.”

“Hence its key to upgrade skills and capabilities for a world where marketing is not a sidecar attached to a motorcycle but the engine that drives it. With that context, it was a no-brainer which was Rethink, Rebuild and Relearn to create winning marketing organizations 2.0."

Amit Jain, MMA India Board Chair and Chairman of L'Oréal India, said, "MMA is emerging as a credible platform for a lot of marketers and stakeholders. MMA is an organisation making an impact on the modern marketing community in the country and it believes in helping marketers and their partners solve their impediments to growth. The kind of work being done here is cutting edge and I can assure you that you will be seeing some state-of-the-art marketing which you will have access to in the months to come. MMA is not going to be about just creating good content, but much more beyond that and this is an important commitment the board has made to itself. The approach it is taking is creating an ecosystem that empowers the teams to anticipate what is beyond the corners."

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