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Yardley London launches new campaign on daily wear perfumes featuring actor Kriti Sanon

The commercial has been conceptualised by Contract Advertising, a Wunderman Thompson group company and member of the WPP network

Click on the Image to watch the TVC.

Yardley London has launched a new TV commercial featuring actor Kriti Sanon for its perfume range.

Aimed at the new-age young women, the campaign showcases the range which provides an affordable entry into the world of Yardley perfumes.

In the new TVC, Sanon is the voice of the brand who advises a young professional to step up to the world of Yardley and shun mass perfumes.

Sanon makes a point that every time you step up in life like a new job or promotion, impression matters; and Yardley helps the youngsters in their efforts to make better impressions.

The commercial has been conceptualised by Contract Advertising, a Wunderman Thompson group company and member of the WPP network.

Manish Vyas, CEO, Wipro Yardley, said “While Yardley has always been known for its fine floral fragrances, through this new range, we intend to bring affordability to the consumers who always inspire to use world class Yardley perfumes. We intend to democratize the usage of safe, branded and international quality perfumes and make it accessible to Indian masses.”

Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, CCO, Contract said, “Our core insight was to drive home the fact that Yardley perfumes are more than just their exotic natural fragrances. The idea was to empower people in making a lasting impression while stepping up in the professional world and their daily lives, with renewed freshness.”

Ayan Chakraborty, General Manager, Contract Mumbai, stated, “A perfume creates a silent aura around a person’s presence. And a good perfume makes an impression just like a good attire. With Yardley Daily Wear Perfumes, the intent was to communicate this to the mass perfume user and tell her to upgrade to the world of Yardley.”

Rahul Ghosh, Executive Creative Director, Contract Mumbai, said, “Perfume is a key component of the professional armory. It’s a soft signal of ambition. This is the insight we wanted to seed in our TG to persuade them to up their daily perfume game.”


Client Team:

  • Manish Vyas, CEO, Wipro Yardley
  • Dhaval Masrani, Head of Marketing, Wipro Yardley

Agency Team:

  • Raji Ramaswamy, CEO
  • Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, CCO
  • Rohit Srivastava, CSO
  • Ayan Chakraborty, EVP & GM
  • Rahul Ghosh, SVP & ECD
  • Sabina Singh, SVP - Account Management
  • Rainna Boothello, Group Account Director
  • Sagar Chhabria, AVP & Senior CD – Art
  • Anwesha Praharaj, ACD – Copy
  • Sonakshi Srivastava, Copywriter
  • Akshay Kamble, Senior Manager Films
  • PH: Big Momma Films
  • Director: Sohini Dasgupta

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