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Times Prime rolls out AI-generated omni-channel campaign ‘Mighty Membership’

The app said that it has been brought to life through a collaboration with BBH India and art photographer Pankaj Arora

Times Prime, the lifestyle app, has announced the launch of its first AI-generated omni-channel campaign for its new tagline, “Mighty Membership.”

Devised with partner agency BBH India, the campaign is available to all Times Prime members and uses AI to depict the community as larger than life figures, symbolising the 'mighty' empowerment that comes with the membership. The AI created images are being extended across billboards, social media, and other channels.

The app said that it has been brought to life through a collaboration with BBH India and art photographer Pankaj Arora.

The campaign features a variety of AI-generated images that showcase the benefits of Times Prime membership. Members can enjoy a range of experiences - including subscriptions and benefits across entertainment, lifestyle, news, movie premieres, gourmet dining, and networking events.

Harshita Singh, Business Head of Times Prime, said, “The Mighty Membership, a campaign that showcases the incredible daily benefits that make members' lives truly mighty. Through a creative collaboration with our partner agency BBH India and the talented art photographer Pankaj Arora, we've created a visually captivating AI-generated campaign that perfectly embodies the essence of 'mighty' in every interaction. What's more, we're proud to be the pioneering brand in India to employ AI in out-of-home advertising.”

Arora said, “Harnessing the power of AI to create appealing visual content for ‘Mighty Membership’ campaign has been challenging as well as an absolute delight for me. Times Prime has always been at the forefront of offering its members exceptional experiences, and this will add another feather to its cap.” 

The Mighty Membership initiative will encompass an omni-channel approach, including engagement, growth, outdoor, social, and digital channels. The campaign will also feature a master communication change, shifting the tone and style of Times Prime’s messaging to a more targeted format, highlighting the benefits offered by its top brand partners and the everyday “mighty” experiences they enable.

“This campaign is the first-of-its-kind that leverages AI to generate visually appealing content, and we are thrilled to be creatively associated with it. Times Prime has always pioneered ground-breaking marketing campaigns, and ‘Mighty Membership’ will just take that a notch higher,” said Radhika Burman, Vice-President, Head - Delhi, BBH.

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