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Patanjali served legal notice for alleged use of non-veg item in dental care product

The notice has been issued by a lawyer who has sought clarifications on the "deceptive use” of ‘Samundra Fen’ or cuttlefish in Patanjali's product, while labelling it green

A legal notice has been served to Patanjali over the alleged use of a non-vegetarian item in one of its dental care products, 'Divya Dant Manjan'. 

The notice, issued by lawyer Shasha Jain, raises concerns about the alleged use of a non-vegetarian ingredient, "Samundra Fen" or cuttlefish, in a product which is labelled green or ‘vegetarian’. 

Jain has sought clarifications on the "deceptive use” of Samundra Fen in Patanjali's product while labelling it green.

"It has come to my attention that your company has been deceptively using Samundra Fen in ‘Divya Dant Manjan' and making it with a green mark denoting it to be vegetarian at the same time,” Jain stated in the legal notice. 

The use of Samundra Fen, a non-vegetarian ingredient, in the product while marketing and selling it as a vegetarian product violates consumer rights and the labelling regulations for the said category of products, Jain said in the notice. 

"Some of my family members, relatives, colleagues and friends use your 'Divya Dant Manjan' and their religious sentiments were hurt when they learned about the product's deceptive use of Samundra Fen. I myself am a user of many products from your company but now, I am feeling reluctant to use Patanjali products, at least until I receive clarification from your side regarding this matter," Jain stated in the legal notice.

"Your company is expected to maintain the highest standards of ethics and transparency, and the use of the green mark for a product containing Samundra Fen, which is a fish, goes against these standards," Jain said.

Jain has demanded a clarification from the company “within 15 days of receipt of this notice”, failing which legal proceedings would be initiated against the company before the authorities.

As per the images uploaded on Twitter by the advocate, the list of ingredients in Patanjali's aforementioned product includes ‘Samundra Fen (Sepia Officinalis), also known as common cuttlefish.

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