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Meta launches test version of AI Sandbox for selected advertisers

Currently, the tech giant is working with a small group of advertisers in order to quickly gather feedback on its AI-powered ad tool

Days after Meta announced its plan to build on generative AI capabilities for advertisers, it has revealed the test version of AI Sandbox, which aims to improve the performance of ads for businesses through Artificial Intelligence.

The latest development was announced by Meta through a company blogpost, wherein it mentioned, “The AI Sandbox will act as our testing playground for early versions of new tools and features, including generative AI-powered ad tools. Our goal is to learn what works for advertisers and make these features easy to use in our ads tools.” 

“To start, we are building tools like text variation, background generation and image outcropping to do things like make an ad’s text more engaging or improve parts of its creative,” it mentioned further.

As per Meta, the company is currently working with a small group of advertisers in order to quickly gather feedback. However, in July, it will begin gradually expanding access to more advertisers with plans to add some of these features into products later this year.

With this, Meta also pointed out that it will be working on “Text Variation” to highlight the important points of an advertiser’s copy, giving advertisers the choice to try different messages for certain audiences and “Background Generation” which will allow advertisers to create images from text inputs in order to various backgrounds more quickly and diversify their creative assets.

The AI Sandbox will also include features such as “Image Outcropping” which will allow one to adjust creative assets to fit different aspect ratios across multiple surfaces, like Stories or Reels, allowing advertisers to spend less time and resources on repurposing creative assets.

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