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Ananya Pandey shares the wisdom of ‘Ooohhh without the Ouch’ in Gillette Venus’ new TVC

The brand aims to give a reminder to all girls to choose pain-free smoothness using the Simply Venus razor through the campaign

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Gillette Venus, the female hair removal brand, has launched its new TVC campaign featuring actor Ananya Pandey which focuses on its benefits.

The campaign showcases how the product helps females get silky smooth skin without any discomfort. 

The new campaign - “Ooh without the Ouch” is a gentle reminder to all the girls to choose pain-free smoothness using the Simply Venus razor. 

Building on the insight that women in India have largely been using methods for hair removal that are painful, Gillette Venus is aiming to solve this problem to enable young women to achieve silky smooth skin effortlessly without any discomfort. 

The campaign, conceptualised by Grey India, features Pandey relaxing by the pool when she bumps into a friend who is seen carrying wax strips with her. On questioning her friend, she casually says how a little pain must be endured for effortless smooth skin, a myth which is then busted by the actor who recommends using Simply Venus for pain-free hair removal.

Saurabh Bajpai, Senior Director and Country Category Leader, Gillette India, said, “Since ages, women have been conditioned to believe that attaining beautiful skin requires painful methods. At Gillette Venus, we want to make the hair removal experience a comfortable and pain-free process. We want to provide women who choose to remove body hair - a painless method, free of harsh chemicals. We are proud to introduce the latest product from the Gillette Venus portfolio – Simply Venus which is designed to do just that. Feeling beautiful without enduring pain is something every woman strives for and with Gillette Venus's beautiful skin is an Ooh without the Ouch”.

Pandey said, “Venus is a game changer for all women who want super smooth skin in a comfortable and painless way. For me, Venus wins against all other painful ways of removing hair. With Simply Venus’s gliding feature, it makes Venus feel like a breeze, and the brand tagline ‘ooh without the ouch’ perfectly captures its essence. It’s my go-to for all seasons and occasions.”

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