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Virat Kohli says #SunoDilKaShor in Noise’s new digital ad

The digital ad positions Noise smartwatches as a true companion who got you covered when it comes to everyday lifestyle

Noise, the connected lifestyle tech brand, has released a new digital ad #SunoDilKaShor, featuring brand ambassador Virat Kohli.

The ad establishes Noise smartwatches as true lifestyle companions that stand tall with you, helping you level up in the game of life. Kohli is seen indulging in his guilty pleasure, as he is certain that his companion, a Noise smartwatch would ensure he stays on top of his lifestyle goals. 

Gaurav Khatri, Co-Founder of Noise, said, “Every step we take at Noise is rooted in consumer-centricity and pushes us forward to bring meaningful innovation. The new ad film featuring Virat brings to light our brand and product philosophy, showcasing how our smartwatches have emerged as a reliable companion for consumers, allowing consumers to listen to their noise within, while it takes care of their lifestyle goals. We are certain the audience will connect with it profoundly.”

Noise’s brand ambassador Kohli showcases how his Noise smartwatch has his back and ensures he stays on track no matter what. Whether it is a reminder to drink water or optimising his workout to burn those extra calories to keep him on track with his fitness goals, or meet his style requirement, the Noise smartwatch is his go-to companion who guides the cricketer to make healthy choices.

The ad aims at deepening this positioning and strengthening consumer trust and allegiance in a light hearted manner. It will be released on the brand's digital handles, as well as run on connected TV during IPL matches. 

Utsav Malhotra, COO of Noise, added, “Listening to the noise within is a way of life for Noisemakers, enabling us to bring products that seamlessly fit in consumers’ lifestyle. This campaign demonstrates our endeavour to bring forth storytelling in a relatable style to our consumers. It creatively highlights how it is human nature to indulge in guilty pleasures once in a while, when you know you’re in good hands.”


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