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TRAI seeks stakeholders’ comments on use of low power small range FM radio broadcasting

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released a consultation paper on the issue and has urged stakeholders to send their written comments

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released a consultation paper on issues related to low power small range FM Radio broadcasting. 

TRAI stated that low-power short-range FM Radio broadcasting is an effective method of sound broadcasting for services that are intended for limited locations and reception areas.

Some examples of such services include drive-in theatres, hospital radio services, amusement parks, business premises, closed communities such as residential complexes, small habitations, local events such as air shows and sports events, etc.

Accordingly, the consultation paper has been launched and the body is now seeking the comments/views of the stakeholders on the issues related to low power small range FM Radio broadcasting.

Written comments on the consultation paper are invited from the stakeholders by May 15, 2023. 

Counter comments, if any, can be submitted by May 29, 2023. The comments and counter comments may be sent, preferably in electronic form on the email ID and

The issues for consultation include: 1) Should the use of low power small range FM Radio broadcasting by various entities be licensed or unlicensed? 

2) In case the use of low-power small-range FM Radio is licensed, whether there is a need for the introduction of a new category of service provider for using low-power small-range FM Radio broadcasting?

3) Should the low-power Radio equipment continue to be subjected to type approval by WPC?

a. If yes, do the current technical specifications/approval process require any amendment/ modification/ simplification?

b. If not, please suggest how to ensure quality standards for the equipment and users of low-power FM services. 

4) In case, stakeholders consider that a license is necessary for low power small range FM broadcasting, what should be the :

a. Eligibility criteria

b. Period of License

c. Entry Fee

d. License Fee

e. Area of operation

f. Policy/ Methodology for allocation of Spectrum

g. Prescribed Technical parameters, if any

h. Any additional terms and conditions governing such license.

5) Whether particular frequencies in the existing FM band can be dedicated to low-power FM Radio broadcasting?

6) What should be the licensed area of frequency assignment- location-wise (Stadium, Auditorium, Malls, Residential complex etc.) or citywise?

7) What should be the maximum power of a low-power small-range FM transmitter? 

8) Stakeholders may also provide their comments on any other issue relevant to the present consultation.

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