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Scarecrow M&C Saatchi creates Fund Island film for U GRO Capital

The film is about a business owner whose factory is at a standstill due to a shortage of funds

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Scarecrow M&C Saatchi created a 3D animation film, Fund Island, for the launch of U GRO Capital’s GRO X App. 

The film is about a business owner whose factory is at a standstill due to a shortage of funds. He sends an SOS via his cell phone, which is metaphorically represented as a message in a bottle. It is spotted and picked up by the messenger of the U GRO Capital realm, a pelican. 

This message passes through a hierarchy – an analyst, represented by an ever-watchful rooster, and an emperor, represented by a sharp-eyed eagle. After due diligence of KYC and other processes by the team of data analyst roosters, the loan is approved. 

The approval letter is put in the same bottle and fired through a cannon to quickly reach the business owner's cell phone. And all this is done in just a few moments. This shows that when a business owner is marooned due to lack of money, U GRO Capital’s GRO X App will give the funds swiftly so that the business owner gets the freedom to run his business non-stop.

The idea

Scarecrow M&C Saatchi created Fund Island to represent U GRO Capital. It is an empire with a special infrastructure to search and rescue a business owner who needs funds. The Fund Island is built on the three pillars of data, money, and communication - the analysis of business data, the money to lend and the know-how when the businessman needs money.

The Fund Island Universe

They chose a retro-futuristic metaphor to show the invisible technology, just as the symbol of Gmail is an envelope and the emblem of Google Maps is a Pin. 

The Architecture

Fund Island covers a large geography, and the film takes place on its most important part, the king's castle, built on a ridge. It is inspired by the Victorian and Renaissance styles. It has citadels, dormitories, and bastions, and even a landing pad for the flying representative (pelican). 

There is also an observatory from which the king keeps an eye on the island's fund approval system. In addition to his chamber, there are chambers for data analysts who closely examine the KYC, the Udyam number and other documents and approve the credit.

The Gadgetries

At U GRO Capital, the needs and solutions are eventually expressed in terms of money. That's why the Fund Island features retro futuristic printing presses, mechanical arms, ticker machines and mechanised scrolls, as well as objects like throne, costumes and planetary system that use the symbolism and iconography of currencies and the binary language.

The film is an amalgamation of different visions, people and teams. It began with two months of internal research to conceptualise the elements and characters of Fund Island.

Bosco Bhandarkar, the Director, Vikram Kalra and the Good Morning team enhanced the visualisation and gave a cinematic touch, while Zink, the Canada-based animation house, gave this film the production value.

Shachindra Nath, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, U GRO Capital, said, “We at U GRO Capital have always believed that data is the future of lending in India and have been at the forefront of its adoption. We understand dynamic MSME space and have pioneered a unique statistical underwriting model which uses repayment behaviour, banking behaviour and GST returns of the customer to arrive at a credit decision within minutes. Through this campaign we wanted to showcase our ability to offer on tap credit through our GRO X app, where the MSMEs can not only manage their limit and dispense credit on UPI but can also accept payments. Scarecrow M&C Saatchi understood our proposition and their ability to create distinctive, strategically relevant creative work is what drew us to them.”

Manish Bhatt, the Founder Director of Scarecrow M&C Saatchi, said, “Technology in a digital era is invisible. We got an opportunity to give it a physical form. And the most challenging part is that there are no symbols or metaphors to represent this futuristic technology. So, we found the answers in the steampunk retro-futuristic genre, which has rich imagery in illustration and animation. We leveraged it to show something unusual and fascinating in a rather transactional fintech communication. The youngest design and art team of Scarecrow got a limitless opportunity to express their ability to imagine and create this magnum opus film.”


Title: Fund Island

Brand: UGRO Capital

Creative Agency: Scarecrow M&C Saatchi

Creative Team: Manish Bhatt, Raghu Bhat, Kapil Tammal, Mustafa Kapasi, Lalit Sakurkar, Krupa Mehta, Kalpita Powale, Antara Shinde, Rohit Khedkar, Uttam Kumar, Umesh Dattaray, Simran Tandan, Mansi Patil, Shreya Kshirsagar, Tanvi Deorukhakar, Prachiti Borate, Sushmita More, Ashlesha Parab, Samruddhi Mahajan, Sakshi Udhwani, Shoni Surlakar, Janhavi Das

Illustrator: Deelip Khomane

Account Management: Mangesh Mulajkar, Paridhi Bathwal

U GRO Capital Team: Shachindra Nath, Amit Mande, Sangram Singh, Renju Sarin, Kumar Swami, Viren Razdan, Ankit Chothani


Production House: Good morning films

Director: Bosco Bhandarkar

Director of Photography: Jay Charola

Executive Producer: Vikram Kalra, Shashank Chaturvedi, Robin D’Cruz

Producer: Prasanna Naik

1st AD: Sahil Singh Parashar

Production Designer: Shruti Rastogi

Assistants: Priyanka Salvi

DA: Angela Chowdhary

1st AC: Kshitij Singh

LP: Dharmik Thaker

Costume Stylìst: Nurain

Production Manager: Pravin Nikam / Vipul Ahire

Makeup / Hair: Sofia K

Location Manager: Tinkle Singh

Asst Location Manager: Sonu / Nilesh

Lights: Light World

Panther: Cine Grip

Camera: Kshiteej Entertainment

Vanity: Anoop Desai

VFX/CG by Zink, Toronto

Executive Producer: Rupali Upponi

Creative Director: Raj Dias

Producer: Jessica Clarke

Design / Layout/ Animation Lead: Daniel Puopolo

Modelling / Texturing / Compositing: Shalton Correya

Modelling, Character: Kaan Tezcan

Post Production:

Offline Editor: Darshan Patil

Colourist: Christian (After Studio)

Music: Sameeruddin

Guitars: Jeet

Violin: Jeetu Thakur

Singer: Marianne

VO: Paresh Pahuja

Sound Engineer: Kunal Solanki and Parth

Online Editor: Laxman Hile (Picture Post)

Cast: Prashant Walunikar and Prashant Mishra

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