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Paragon pays tribute to enduring relationships in new campaign

The TVC has been developed and executed by advertising agency Hammer India and was directed by Sobha Mohapatra

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Footwear brand Paragon has released a new campaign with the aim to touch the consumer’s heartstrings through a tale about trust, togetherness and hope.

The TVC has been developed and executed by advertising agency Hammer India and was directed by Sobha Mohapatra. The story has been developed by Creative Director Cherian Skaria, and the campaign was planned and executed by Anoop KP, Head of Operations. 

The story revolves around a young couple reminiscing about the challenges they’ve been through, and how they always stood by each other. It builds a narrative that reminds us that with the right partner, even moments of desperation become easier to handle, and later become sources of inspiration. 

The campaign was based on a marketing brief developed after research into customer expectations and key product propositions. Paragon primarily focuses on Tier-2 and Tier-3 audiences, and the campaign is meant to be a conceptualisation of the challenges that they might have gone through during the past few years. It reminds them that no matter how hard things were, there were also moments to be cherished and milestones to be celebrated. 

“When you are going through a tough situation, you don’t think of it as something you can learn from, because you are fully focused on getting out of that situation,” said Sreenath Gopi, Director at Hammer India. “It’s only later on that you gain a broader perspective, and realise that whatever we went through ultimately made us stronger. We have tried to capture that sense of hope and optimism that we get when we overcome adversity.”

“This year we have moved away from a celebrity-centric approach so we needed an idea that speaks directly to our consumers. For decades, Paragon has built a strong and trusting relationship with them. With this campaign, we want them to feel like we are part of their journey” said Shawn Chandy, CMO at Paragon Footwear.

Sachin Joseph, Executive Vice-President at Paragon Footwear, said, “This is a subtle way of communicating our message to our audience without beating them over the head with it. We want them to see Paragon through the viewpoint of a long-term relationship. The story has enough emotional weight to reinforce this idea subliminally.”

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