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DViO Digital elevates Vivek Kumar Anand to Chief Business Officer role

As Chief Business Officer, he will continue to head Strategy, Performance, Media and Tech divisions, along with other roles and responsibilities

Vivek Kumar Anand

DViO Digital has announced the elevation of Vivek Kumar Anand to Chief Business Officer (CBO) role.

Anand is a part of the DViO founding team and has worked with several brands and on numerous campaigns, with a team of growth experts operating in over 4 countries and 10+ markets. 

As Chief Business Officer, he will continue to head Strategy, Performance, Media and Tech divisions along with other roles and responsibilities. In addition to that, he will also work as a growth champion.  

As the Director of Business and Innovation, Anand oversaw strategic consulting, go-to-market strategies, performance marketing, data and analytics, and tech solutions that enabled superior consumer experiences for associated brands. He was also responsible for the agency's growth and expansion, penetrating and developing global markets, introducing service lines, product portfolios, and strategic partnerships.

Anand said, "The key to every campaign and everything we do at DViO ensures that a clear purpose drives it. As Mark Twain said – ‘The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why’. One of our most important 'Why' is this singular objective to drive growth for our clients, people, and all associated stakeholders. The other significant 'Why' is happiness in everything we do. It is an important measurement metric to gauge and validate our internal success. These happy people have helped deliver top-notch work that ultimately has led to acquiring clients who are leaders in their respective categories, multi-country expansion and a very healthy balance sheet. Hence, even during the recent Covid-19/pandemic, having such a diverse sector portfolio and healthy balance sheet benefitted and helped DViO Digital endure and sustain itself effortlessly without thinking about layoffs or salary cuts."

Founder and CEO of DViO Digital, Sowmya Iyer said, "He is incredible and has made building DViO easier. His balanced yet focused strategies, coupled with guided approaches, have successfully led us to growth and only growth and strengthened our foothold in manifold ways. I wish him all the best for his new role and look forward to our next decade."

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