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Dainik Jagran-inext launches five new sub editions

The bilingual daily currently present across 12 Hindi heartland areas has extended its footprint across Chandauli, Jaunpur, Unnao, Kaushambi and Pratapgarh

Dainik Jagran-inext has decided to expand its footprint within the Hindi speaking markets with the launch of five new sub-editions, namely Chandauli, Jaunpur, Unnao, Kaushambi and Pratapgarh.

These markets lie in the periphery of already existing editions of Varanasi, Gorakhpur and Prayagraj. 

“This has been a well thought decision of ours based on our expertise of the Hindi Heartland and its recent markets developments,” said Chetan Sehgal, Brand Head Dainik Jagran-inext. He added, “Dainik Jagran-inext strives to connect with the readers of today who are full of aspirations, are young at heart and constantly evolve themselves and seek change. With the 12 city centres of Hindi Heartland becoming more prominent and an attractive destination due to the development in infrastructure and opportunities for all, this energy has spread in the periphery towns as well. The audience in these periphery towns now seeks the lifestyle of the city, has aspirations and constantly works towards it. We decided to tap them in the beginning which in long term will lead to a loyal and improved customer base.”

Alok Sanwal, CEO, Dainik Jagran-inext, mentioned, “We are going through the same phase when we were identifying and expanding our footprint across the 12 major cities of Hindi heartland which we call the mini metros. These are the cities which are well established but were in the development phase a decade ago in terms of infrastructure, the opportunities and education and the same phenomenon is being observed in these sub-editions we have just launched. These editions are going through the same transformation phase. Although we are covering more territory, catching more customer’s attention and grown out copies by 35%, this is an investment to acquire the customers of tomorrow which are constantly evolving and seeking change. I am confident that the uniqueness of Dainik Jagran-inext in terms of language, content, layout is going to appeal to our new audiences.”

Dainik Jagran-inext had concentrated to the city-specific audience until now, and with these five new sub-editions it stands to gain a new set of audiences and increase in readership.

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