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WPL has a lot in store, say advertisers on ratings of the inaugural season

Based on the ratings, Karnataka is driving the tournament with 0.79 GRPs while the national average stands at 0.32

The nationwide Gross Rating Point (GRP) for all the matches of the inaugural season of Women’s Premier League (WPL) so far stands at 0.32, as per the data sourced from BARC subscribers for Week 10 and 11 (TG: 15+ M/F All NCCS).

The GRP for Hindi Speaking Markets (HSM) also stood at 0.32. 

Moreover, Karnataka is driving the tournament as the GRP stood at 0.79, while it recorded a 0.95 GRP in the state capital Bengaluru. 

On the other hand, the tournament that kicked off on March 4 is receiving a cold response from big markets like Delhi and Mumbai. The GRPs in Delhi and Mumbai stood at 0.25 and 0.33, respectively. 

The GRP in Chennai also stood at 0.25 while Tamil Nadu delivered 0.28 GRPs.

Gujarat and Maharashtra’s GRP stood at 0.49 and 0.30. 

Reacting on the ratings for the inaugural season of WPL, a leading advertiser told that the tournament has a lot in store if Bengaluru or Karnataka ratings are any indications. 

“But they must tweak the format a bit and soften the deal for advertisers. Look at another window for playoffs (not March),” the advertiser said. 

Another advertiser who has invested big in the tournament suggested that switching over to a 10-over format would be good for the League and so would be keeping the season a bit short. 

“They can't run it like a regular IPL,” the advertiser said.

He also said that the inaugural edition of the Women’s league has managed to get overwhelming support from media houses and the TV fraternity.

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